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Monday, February 13, 2012

I Don't Want to Watch Me Take a Bath! Post #7

Rusty was very happy to see Frank
Over a week but I'm connected again. Frank is already complaining about the slowness of our "high speed" connection. I'm just happy it's as fast as it is out here in the boonies. Sorry, Pauldenites, but that's what it feels like. And I'm okay with that - in fact, I'm more than okay with the boonies. I started to say I'm lovin' it but I'm really sick of that McD commercial.

Rusty jumped higher than I did when we saw the U-haul chugging up our dirt road trailing a wagging tail of dust behind it. Bruce, in the little Chevy, followed in its wake making his own dust trail. Both guys looked a bit haggard.

Rusty finds unpacking very boring
But not too haggard to get cleaned up and find a bar with the Super Bowl on the TV. We headed toward Chino Valley. The first bar sits all alone with a sign out front that never comes down - "live music tonight" and a smaller sign that says "bikers welcome". We passed it by thinking maybe no game would be on and we'd save it for a stop when we were on the cycle. I'd seen the sign announcing the Super Bowl and drink specials at a bar called The Log Cabin in Chino proper. I'm not much of a football fan but I tagged along thinking it would be good to sit in a bar full of fans, have a beer and check out the locals.

I wish I could post some pictures. I forgot my camera but took some pics on my phone. Trouble is we traded in our Sprint phones for Verizon before I took the pictures off.  I'll try to paint the picture:
Cute bar that has seen its better days. On the mirror behind the bar, a couple of house drink specials were listed - one of which was
"F--- you juice $4.50". 
That should help with the feel of the place! Fifty something bar maid, dressed like a teenager, long black hair and friendly as hell with a voice that reflected too many cigarettes and too much whiskey. A grey-mustached, ball cap wearing guy with thin legs and a round belly who hung on the edge of the bar, behind it so that you might think he owned the place but couldn't tell for sure. A really old, fat, half-lit codger sitting at the bar who used the F word as an adjective in every sentence. A nondescript couple who came in late. A young, skinny guy who sat at the first stool as you walked in the door. A stool away from him, a man in his thirties who either stared in his beer or at the TV screen. Not much of a crowd. So much for mingling with the locals. The waitress brought us popcorn and the drinks were cheap. Retired people like cheap. She also promised chili dogs when the chili was hot. Frank had one, Bruce and I passed. Frank said the only good thing about them - they were free.

Frank hasn't found his 'Cheers' yet. Not sure where the Super Bowl crowd hung out but we didn't find that either.

A Mexican man carrying tamales came in with a big smile on his face and very little English in his vocab. Maybe-an-owner-guy took several bags and told us these were the best tamales anywhere. I bought a bag. They were still hot and steaming. $13 a dozen. We had some of them a day later and oh my! He wasn't kidding.

Lance and crew arrived the next day only a half hour later than expected - the expected arrival time was an hour later than he told us. He brought a big burly guy that made him look small (and he's not) and a wiry little guy that could lift a lot. Frank said it would take four hours to unload and it took two. Good thing because Lance was ill but wouldn't stop. We filled the entire house with boxes, including Lance and Christie's half of the house. Lance's comment - Mom! I thought you said you downsized.

A few parting comments for today:

One week off the Internet equals 93 emails on my personal address and 247 on my business address.
Unpacking a thousand boxes takes twice as long now as it did fifteen years ago.
Will I ever have nails again?
Mirrors should not surround your tub if you're over forty.


  1. Happy unpacking. Who needs nails, anyway! Mirrors around the tub sounds like a terrific weight loss program to me. Congrats on being in your house, Brenda.

    1. Ha! Maybe that's why I feel the pressure to lose weight. But feel even more pressure to lift weights!!

  2. Wow, Brenda, you are definitely living in a book plot! What atmosphere, and what a job ahead of you. Forget about the nails for the next two months -- they'll come back. And can I just say, I would stink a lot if I had mirrors around my tub :-) Fun reading. Enjoy the moving-in process.

    1. Thanks, Liz. The mirror thing is pretty funny really. Frank doesn't see the problem. Men!

  3. Hang in there...hopefully soon it will feel like "home". We do miss you here in MN!

    1. I know I'll miss MN when I have time but I already miss my MFW friends.

  4. I'm sure you're glad to finally be "in" the house. Now for the fun part. We moved a lot when my daughter was little and she always loved unpacking. When you haven't seen things for a while, there's always an element of surprise when you unpack them.

    1. You know you are right. Unpacking is always more fun than tearing down. And we are making a few surprise discoveries!

  5. Another great post! Love the description of the bar where you ended up for the game. As for the tub and mirrors, first thing I'd take down. No way. One big one over the sinks is enough for me. Hugs and smiles from MN!

    1. The mirrors might keep me honest! Actually they have a slimming effect - but it's the naked view that ruins it! Hugs back at ya, Jods.

  6. I'm right there with you hon, in spirit any way. I can feel your excitement for this wonderful/trying adventure. Think of the book ideas you're getting. Can't wait for the next installment!!!!