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Monday, August 26, 2013

I've Got...Gasp...Not Me. Writer's Block?


A setting in The Art of Love and Murder
At least I think that's what I've got. I've never had it so I'm not sure what it feels like, but it sure looks like Writer's Block. I found myself lost, not able to get from chapter fourteen to chapter sixteen in the second book of the series I'm writing. Wandering around the house, glassy-eyed and moaning, my son stopped me and said "Mom, I'm a lyricist not an author, but it would seem to me you have to write chapter fifteen to make that bridge." Louder moans from me.

True, my writing time has been sporadic for the last two months. It all started when we took a vacation, stayed a couple of days longer than we should have and came back to harvest season on the farm in full swing. Some days, I'm lucky to get a half hour to myself to write. But, really, I don't think that's the whole problem.

Phoebe saw prong horn while riding with Mason
It's all Chance's fault. Chance is the character in the first book of the series, The Art of Love and Murder. He's a sheriff and a strong, take charge kind of guy. Now I'm writing the second book in the series, Southwest of Love and Murder, and his twin brother, Mason, is the main male character. When Mason got into trouble, Chance bolted from his honeymoon in Mexico to come to his brother's aid. Trouble is he's stealing Phoebe's story out from under her. She's the main female character. With Chance around, Phoebe isn't acting as she should, and I  have no idea why the heck the bad guy is doing what he's doing.

The story has been coughing and jerking along until it died at chapter fifteen.

It took me a few days to figure this out. Now, the solution seems clear - stall Chance in Mexico for as long
Landscape near Mason's ranch
as possible and let Phoebe take over. Simple enough? Well, I have to go back several chapters and rewrite hunks of the story to set this up properly.

I sure hope this is the cure. Hard to know when I haven't experienced the ailment before. Wish me luck.


  1. Brenda,
    No writer's Block for you, just figuring out the best way to tell the story. You are an amazing writer!

  2. Brenda,

    Maybe, maybe not. When I had a 6-months long writer's block last year, I just couldn't write anything other than guest blog posts. I just couldn't bring myself to write anything. One day I forced myself to write a few words though they were forced and not "natural." The next day a few more; after a few days the flow of words became easier, and before I knew it I was getting back into writing. Your situation sounds more like you've hit a specific story obstacle rather than a general "writer's block." I'm sure you'll find your way out of it pretty soon. Good luck with your writing, and don't forget to have fun!

    (Musa author)

    1. Ugh, Stan, that must have been awful. I think writing something everyday is a sure cure. Glad you got over the hump!

  3. It sounds like you've worked the story out and the changes sound great! Look forward to reading the changes. As for the farm and harvest time taking away your writing time, I feel for you as I have the back to school time sucker. We'll all get back to our normal writing schedule soon.

    1. We'll see once I get the rewrite done. Time suckers all around us!

  4. Hang in there. Sounds like you're figuring it out!!

  5. Try to map out as much of the plot as possible, even if you're not usually a plotter it can still help. Maybe taking a step back from writing just to plan is what you need to do. Then when you have it all figured out, start writing again. :)

    Good luck, Brenda!!

    1. You are so right, Chrys. I'm doing just that. First I completed my character summaries. I'd not finished those before I started writing. Now I'm adjusting my synopsis. Got to get those basics done!

  6. I had the same sort of thing going on in the middle of my current WIP that I just FINISHED yesterday. There was no logical reason for the bad guy to be following my heroine, and my lame excuses weren't cutting it. So, I was getting nothing done because I knew I had to figure it out first. I finally gave him a tie to her past and it all fell into place--and I started making progress again. Sounds like you've finally reached that point, so go get 'em!

    1. Hope so. Dying to get back to it but am tied up with promo for Amanda for a few days. Thanks, Jannine.

  7. If your stuck sometimes its the characters or your muse trying to tell you something.

    I'm glad you figured it out.


    1. I think she was yelling loud and clear, Janice. LOL