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Monday, February 15, 2016


This is a reprint of a blog I posted on The Roses of Prose a week ago. 

Way back, a long time ago, I lived in Germany for three years. I fell in love with the Alps, the mountain range that belongs to several countries including Austria. A couple of trips to Austria, and I fell in love with Austria, too. And the people. What warm, friendly people!

Hartmut and his wife Uli in Austria
Fast forward to 2016, and I have a book releasing worldwide on March 30, which just happens to be set in Austria. A Legacy of Love and Murder is the third book in my Love and Murder Series.
My love of Austria, and my memories lent much to the story, but I would’ve been lost if it hadn’t been for a special Austrian friend of mine. Not only did he correct my German (the primary language of the Austrian people), helped me with so many other details such as food and dress and geography, but he also supplied me with his name for one of my characters, Hartmut.

I didn’t meet Hartmut when we visited Austria. Harte, came to us years later as one of the hockey players on the Austrian team that played in the Easter Tournament along with my son’s team. We boarded the players, and Harte was placed with us. We became fast friends. It was as if I’d known this young man all of my life. Over the years, he’s visited us several times, and my husband and I visited him and his family in Austria. Such good memories.

I hope my love of his country comes through in my words.

The Art of Love and Murder, Book One is set in Flagstaff, Arizona
Southwest of Love and Murder, Book Two is set in Chino Valley, Arizona
A Legacy of Love and Murder, Book Three is set in Austria

Coming 2016/17
The Power of Love and Murder, Book Four is set in Flagstaff, Arizona
The Deep Well of Love and Murder, Book Five is set in Chino Valley, Arizona

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