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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Eye Wear Eating Roses and Strawberries for Looks

2012 On the plains in Northern Arizona, two families joined forces and began the trials and tribulations of building a small family farm with nothing in the bank but love.
Tortuga Thursday 
A shape of his own
A quick trip across Tortuga Flats Farm...part of it anyway. In the front yard, I tend to the decorative vegetation. Not only are the hollyhocks blooming, but roses do amazingly well here. At least the climbing kind and the miniature varieties. This one in the picture wasn't put to a trellis until this year so  he's growing rather oddly. I planted strawberry plants in the front garden last year
Strawberry plants
because I like the way they look and send out runners. Once in awhile I get a strawberry off of them before the bugs chow down.
Out in the main vegetable area we've had some halts in weeding. By this time next week, all vegetable rows will be clear and then maintenance should be easier. I'll get a picture of the whole area then. You can see from the first picture of the cucumbers all the weeds pulled and waiting between the rows for the rake. The other picture is of another variety of cucumbers and the style of trellis Lance put up. The red caps are protection on the ends of the wire.
Dead weeds wait to be raked
Cucumbers and trellis
Two unrelated events this week that have nothing to do with farming. I lost my favorite/best pair of glasses. Fortunately, I have two back up pairs. Where could they be? I'm guessing somewhere outside - orchard? vegetable main area? blackberries? lost in the weird rose bush? If I didn't know better Xena might have eaten them. I searched but they didn't turn up. The back up pairs will have to do. We don't have health insurance, much less eye care insurance.
Secondly, Rusty had to have his teeth cleaned. This was some major procedure to the tune of $300 +. It required him being put under and spending most of the day at the vet. On the positive side, he didn't have to have any extractions and he did fine with the drugs. We'll be doing without a couple of non-essentials for the next month or so to pay for it. He's worth it. After all, he is the smartest dog in the world!


  1. Brenda, Margo here from Roses of Prose. Enjoyed your post. We have family in Arizona - which is a long way from Michigan. You make me want to plan another visit. Take care.

    1. Come on out, Margo. But I'd wait until this heat is over!

  2. May I ask why the rose bush is a HE?? LOL Farm is looking so good, Lance sure has a green thumb, know he is thankful for all his helpers!! :)

    1. He's been unruly and if you grab him too fast he nails you. LOL