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High Vices by Kelly Hopkins #reviews #NewRelease

Antoinette would like to go to the prom, but first she has to kill her mob boss father…if he doesn’t get to her first.

I want to introduce you to an exciting NEW RELEASE. Kelly Hopkins's latest novel will officially hit the world on July 5, but you can pre-order this exciting new book right now. High Vices is published by Champagne Book Group. I'm so proud to be part of this project. Kelly has a unique voice. High Vices is crammed with suspense and great characters.

A few words from Kelly:

There are very few times in my life when I have actually burst into tears. Finding the email from my editor that told me High Vices has been acquired was one of those times. Although not my first book to be published, High Vices is the first book I wrote when I decided to get serious about being an author. I’ve shed countless layers of my soul into these characters through dozens of revisions. It is the book of my heart; the one I will always love the most. I hope you enjoy Antoinette’s story.

Here's a tease for you.

Antoinette Lombardi is not your average daddy’s girl.

She didn’t ask to be the daughter of one of the most feared cartel kingpins in the world, and she sure didn’t ask to be recruited to take her father down. But when the cartel finds Antoinette and her mother hiding in witness protection, her mother agrees to become the government’s bait to protect her daughter, leaving Antoinette in the care of agents who despise her family line.

Given a new identity at a super-secret boarding school, Antoinette is introduced to the other teens in a diverse posse, all of whom have lost parts of their lives to the murderous cartel. Together, this cast of criminal teens will infiltrate the cartel’s ranks at its most vulnerable levels and secure the revenge they seek—if they don’t kill each other first.


The lump of terror in my windpipe refuses to dislodge as I take Jo Flynn’s warm hand in my frozen fingers for a business-like squeeze. Whatever her reason for bringing us to the bunker, if she’s here to talk to me, the news must not be good.

She releases my hand and leans back in her chair. Her finger taps on the cover of my file. “You’re fortunate to be alive. I heard what happened. You both could have been taken or killed on the spot.” Flynn opens the file offering a glimpse of the paperwork inside and my mother’s picture stapled to the jacket. “But I suspect they wanted to kidnap you. Your mother made a lot of people upset back in Italy. The Lombardis take pleasure in getting even. Slowly.”

A horrified shudder blows through me like a frigid gust of January on the Fourth of July. “So, what are we going to do? Where do we hide now?”

With a half-smirk, she asks, “We? Antoinette Lombardi, heir to the Lombardi throne, is siding with the cops?” She shakes her head as if this news amazes her. “The only way to keep you both safe is to separate you.”

I bolt from of my seat, my palms planted on the tabletop. “What? No!” Leave my mother? The stress would kill her.

“Your mother’s condition remains out of control. She needs consistent medical attention to treat her diabetes. We require her assistance to track your father—she can’t do either if she’s always on the run. Besides, you have to finish high school.”

“School? You think a diploma matters to me? After today?” Incredulous, I glare at her.

“Sit.” She gestures to my seat. I hold my ground and count to twenty before complying.

Her lips tighten, and she flexes her fingers before continuing. “You’re both so strong which is why you’ve made it this far. Today was too close—we can’t take a chance again. You need to learn how to protect yourself.”

I can protect myself. So can my mother. Somehow, I don’t believe this cop would agree with me. The reality of my situation sinks in. They’re dividing us. Taking my mother away from me to keep us protected. “Where are you taking her?”

Flynn crosses her arms over her bright white blouse. Furrows appear in her forehead when she frowns. “I can’t tell you. If you have any idea where she is, you can be compromised. The same goes for your mother. Once a month, until we get Lombardi, you’ll receive a clean, untraceable phone. You can talk for fifteen minutes under supervision. After, both phones will be destroyed.”

I stare, willing myself to wake up from the nightmare. That’s what it has to be. A dreadful fever dream. “This is crazy.”

Kelly Ann Hopkins fell in love with mysteries as a teen and still can’t resist a good “whodunnit”. She spends her days as a high school librarian and creative writing teacher where she challenges her students to read with abandon. When Kelly isn’t creating perilous adventures for her characters, she is dreaming of her next trip to the Florida Gulf Coast. Kelly lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, two children, Auggie the dog, and too many books. 

Kelly’s loves to connect with her readers. Find her at: 





A Cast of Wicked by Hunter J. Skye #WickedWednesday #vampires


I love character driven fiction. In my own books, the characters come to me long before their stories. This cast of characters from Hunter is enough to make your skin crawl. I think that's her point. Tell us about them, Hunter.

If you can’t rely on haughty, eurotrash, exhibitionist vampires to bring the wicked, who can you rely on? In this newest installment of The Hell Gate Series, our heroine - narcoleptic celebrity ghost hunter, Melisande Blythe, is the forced guest of some slightly unhinged immortals and there’s lots to dislike about this raucous crew. For this Wicked Wednesday, allow me to introduce the Vampires of Cathar:

Mephos the Innocent is a handsome, dark-haired, copper-eyed young man still lanky and raw-boned from his last growth spurt centuries ago. It’s easy to mistake him for a nineteen-year-old party guy burning through his inheritance on the beaches of the Mediterranean. In fact, he is the owner and operator of a collection of very exclusive spas in Andorra. Europe’s rich and beautiful flock to the secluded mountain spas for the medicinal waters of the springs, but there’s more in the waters than just curative properties. A nearby hell gate is tainting the springs with dark magic and the vampires are cashing in.

Celene, at first glance, is Mephos’s arm candy. With long midnight red hair and tantalizing curves, she wields her ability to enthrall like a billy club. Only dangerous when she’s let off her leash, look for a startling revelation about Celene towards the end of the book, and prepare yourself for her voracious sexual appetite.

Bertrand brings the class to this horrid little ensemble in his over-sized, manly way, but his hammered features and numerous scars suggest a not so polite past. As a former crusader and Knight Templar, Bertrand is haunted by his deeds, and abandoned by a church that drove him to the brink of madness. Even if time hasn’t healed all his wounds, they are cauterized, field-dressed, and mostly forgotten. Bertand’s long golden hair, faded blue eyes, and gladiator muscles turn heads most anywhere he goes.

Rasmus of Gomorrah was a priest not even God could kill. Caught at the edge of town by a biblical curse whist fleeing the famed city of Gomorrah, Rasmus’s inhuman regenerative abilities keep him from eternal rest as, every second, the will of God still tries to tear him apart. The resulting agony has left him insane. Couple that with his talent for scheming and manipulating and you have a desperately dangerous entity with planet-ending plans for God and man alike. 

If that’s still not enough wicked, add in rotting ghouls, cursed-dripping mummified thieves, and a sect of pain-loving heretics and you’ve got a proper love story. A Shiver of Shadows packs plenty of wickedness, but the touching romance between Melisande and three-hundred year-old corporeal ghost, Colonel William Grayford is the beating heart of this romantic tale of rescued love and new beginnings.


You'd think stopping Armageddon would buy a girl a bit of R&R with her freshly resurrected boyfriend. But things go south again when celebrity soul wrangler, Melisande Blythe, is abducted and dragged to Europe.

There's more to the darkness hiding in the reclusive, mountaintop country of Andorra than just garden variety evil. There's something dangerously wrong with her beautiful immortal hosts too.

Gifted with flesh again by the Grace of God, three-hundred-year-old former ghost, Colonel William Grayford, will move heaven and earth to find his beloved. But Europe's most wicked monsters stand in his way. Something more painful than death awaits Mel, if Grayford can't find her in time.

The world's been living on fifteen thousand years of borrowed time and it's just run out.

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Hunter J. Skye was born with a rare nightmare disorder, and was raised in a haunted Victorian home. Those two factors predestined her to write ghost stories. With a Bachelor of the Fine Arts, Hunter first went into museology, but her love of the written word drew her back to the keyboard. She now writes full time and paints part-time.

Hunter's debut novel, A Glimmer of Ghosts, won four RWA awards pre-publication. It is the first book in an urban fantasy/paranormal romance series set in coastal Virginia. Book two, A Shiver of Shadows, just released on May 24th 2021 from The Wild Rose Press. 
Book three, A Rapture of Wraiths, is expected to release in 2022. 

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Ripped from the Pages... #MuseMonday #Inspiration #WRPbks

When I don't have a guest on Muse Monday, I'll share excerpts with photos that inspired scenes from my books.  

I grew up listening to my mom recount memories from the 1940s. I fell in love with the era and with the love story between my mom and dad. Although I write romantic suspense for the most part, my historical romance, Post-War Dreams, is the book of my heart.


I’m sharing two short excerpts today.



Claire shook her hair back and lifted tresses the color of a summer sunset from her neck with a flourish. “I’d definitely like to pursue a career in the movies.” The word theatrical came to mind while her smile dazzled him. “This contest should be a lot of fun.” She stared directly into his eyes, the dark brown of hers simmered. “Do you go to the movies?” 

“Now and then.” 

She dipped her chin and gave him a beguiling upwards glance. “I bet you’re a Rita Hayworth man.”

When he only shrugged, she continued, surprising him with her flirtatious tone. “Come on, now. We all have our favorites.” 

“Yeah, she’s…okay.” The words he could use for the sexy, red-haired actress he’d leave unspoken to the young Claire. “Do you dance and act in addition to singing?” 

“I will.” She nodded, quite serious. “I think it’s best to be well-rounded, if you’re going to have a chance in Hollywood. I don’t exactly have any credits to my name yet, still, I’m pretty sure I could act, if given the chance. As far as dancing, yes, a few lessons will be in order, eventually.” 

“So, it’ll be off to Hollywood for you after graduation?” Unusually confident for a high school girl, he could imagine her hopping on a bus to follow her ambitions. Pity. “Not interested in hanging around Phoenix to raise a family?” 

“Oh goodness, lots of time.” Once again, she pushed the hair from her silky-smooth neck with a flip of her fingers. “Following your heart should be first.” 

And who will steal your lovely heart? 



“But…but you can’t love Susan.” My voice, soft as a whisper, didn’t betray the rising fear boiling up from the pit of my stomach. 

He gripped my arms with emphasis. “No, I don’t.” 

My stomach calmed a bit, the fear at a simmer. “Does she love you?” I had to convince him his thinking had clearly gotten off course. 

“No. I mean I don’t think so.” 

“Is she demanding you love her?” Love was everything. Without love, this wasn’t our problem. 


His hesitation cheered me on. My panic churned barely below the surface as I led him down the path of reason. “Well, then, Benjamin, why—” 

“Claire, she’s pregnant. I’ll have to marry her.” 

“Marry?” I choked on the word. Fear and panic erupted. “Oh, God, no. Benjamin!” The tears toppled and flooded my cheeks. “This is her problem.” 

“You know it isn’t, Claire.” His words were thick and strained. “I have to take responsibility.” 

“No, Benjamin, no!” I slapped my palms to his chest as if I could stop this madness with a physical barrier. “No, you don’t.” 

He encircled my waist, gently caressed, but held me firm until my tantrum played out. 

I folded into his chest, but my anger still had some steam. I balled one hand into a fist and hit his chest. “Why? Why do you always have to do the right thing? Why?” I swiped away tears so I could see his reaction when I glared into his face. 

His chest heaved as he stared into my hostility with calmness. “You wouldn’t love me if I didn’t.”












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Out of the Broom Closet by Sable Hunter and Rebecca Schaefer #MuseMonday #Romance


What a fun guest post I have for you today. This is a definite tell-all so kick back and enjoy!

They say write what you know – and I have. In fourteen years, I have funneled my various interests and life experiences into 70+ romance novels with varying themes. Since I was raised in the country, I could write about cowboys and rural life with relative ease. With my family hailing from South Louisiana, I enjoyed penning stories set in the bayou country with respectful nods to the Cajun and Creole lifestyle. Really, the universe of connected series I have written contain everything from cowboys to bikers, with a sprinkling of lawmen and firemen thrown in for good measure. Mostly, I have prided myself in creating stories starring three-dimensional characters with layers of emotion and intrigue.

Lately since we have two little girls in the family, I have felt the need to structure my tales with a little less explicitness. This is the reason some of the books are being released under my sweet penname, Rebecca Schaefer, instead of the one I’m best known for – Sable Hunter.

One of the things I enjoy most is weaving myself into the books, and I do this more often than not. Anyone who reads my body of work will end up knowing me pretty well. A few days ago, I was sitting drinking coffee with my cousin who was regaling me with how she makes a quilt. She says the process fulfills her, and it’s a way of leaving something behind that she created with her own two hands for loved ones to remember her by.

To tell you the truth, I was a bit jealous. Now, I’m not crafty – at all. I can play the piano, sing, write a song, a poem, a book, etc. – but that’s my limit. I enjoyed listening to Janice explain how she creates the design, cuts the blocks, pieces the pattern together, then finishes off with a complimentary border. While she painted her visual picture, I realized I create a book in a similar fashion, piecing it all together in a pleasing tapestry of words. I wouldn’t want to write an autobiography, or just hand one of my girls my diary – on the surface I’m pretty boring. Maybe I should view these romance novels I create as a way of pressing my memories, my thoughts, and my dreams between the pages for my friends and loved ones to find glimpses of me once I’m gone.

One facet of my existence that I find to be interesting to others is my involvement with the supernatural. In my family, we refer to it as the supernormal, because magic has always been part of our life. For generations, the women in my line have worked with herbs and crystals. My great-grandmother was the village wise woman who dispensed medicine, read tea leaves, and burned candles for others who needed a little extra help with things. I do this too. We don’t think its extraordinary. With us its not a religion, its just the way we interact with the world. We call it hoodoo or rootwork. My folks go to church on Sunday morning and make mojo bags in the afternoon. I used to try and hide this element of my life, but now I’m finding most folks appreciate the idea and long for a little bit more magic in their own life – so I’ve come out of the broom closet! Let me show you my

‘craft’ area where I keep my oils, crystal, etc. Of course, I work my real magic in the recliner where I write. Ha!    

So, please allow me to introduce you to the witches of Wildflower Way in my sweet series called Moon Magic. There is much of my life in these books. The spells are real and many of the happenings come from my own experience. Most of the paranormal events are taken from my ghost-hunting days. I enjoyed this odd past time before it became a popular thing to do. My aim was to prove to myself that love exists beyond the grave. In summation, these books are full of love, mystery, suspense, magic – and me!

Below is the cover, the link, and the blurb for A WISHING MOON. The second in the series, A CRESCENT MOON has been released also – with a third, ZAC’S BLUE MOON coming later in 2021.

So, I invite you to read these books and get to know me a little better.

Thank you for listening to me ramble.

Rebecca Schaefer/Sable Hunter.     


Arabella Landry is a witch on a mission. She is desperately seeking the incredible man who haunts her dreams. With the help of the powerful women in her family, she finds him. Unfortunately, he is completely paralyzed, a prisoner within his own body. 

Jade Landale, a career Texas politician, falls head over heels for the beautiful woman who refuses to give up on him. Soon, his world turns topsy-turvy as he finds himself embroiled in a world of magic, murder, and the sweetest love he could possibly imagine.

The Moon Magic Series invites you to visit an enchanted world of love, suspense, and the supernatural. Each book introduces a romantic couple and a new mystery. Since the series centers around a magical family, you never have to say goodbye to a character, their stories and adventures will continue. Please join the witches of Wildflower Way and bring a little magic into your own life.    

Angelique rubbed some condensation off the window at her side. “You saw love in the scrying bowl, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did.” Nanette briefly met her friend’s gaze as the lights from a passing car flashed through the interior of the Jag. “I don’t think I was wrong about that, do you? Who knew we’d have two fine young men come into our lives?”


Arabella’s plea didn’t fall on deaf ears. “It’s okay, sweetheart. I’m not going to say anything to embarrass you.”

“Oh, Lordy,” she moaned softly. Next, her grandmother would be asking Jade his intentions. Not that she wouldn’t like to know them herself. She couldn’t help but worry how much longer she’d have with him. Soon, he’d return to his everyday life. Would there be room in his world for her then?

“Shush, it’s okay.” Feeling her grow tense, he entwined his fingers with hers, giving them a gentle, reassuring squeeze. “What is scrying, Ms. Beaureguarde?” he asked, deftly changing the subject the way he often did in interviews when the topic wasn’t one he cared to discuss.

Given Nanette’s gift of gab and her innate desire to teach, she dove right into her explanation. “Well, scrying is a method of seeing into the unknown – past, present, or future. Instead of using tarot cards, tea leaves, or a crystal ball, one stares into a dark reflective surface. Some use obsidian, some use dark mirrors. I, like Nostradamus, peer into water held in a black glass bowl. Tap water might do for some, but I use water from an ancient well blessed by a Haitian voodoo queen.”

Jade and Arabella listened politely as she spoke about when she would scry and what she would see. Arabella did notice she avoided recounting the painful visions, relating only the ones that brought joy or intrigue. As Nanette shared with Jade, with him asking appropriate questions at appropriate times, Arabella let their exchange soothe her. When she was fully relaxed, she became aware of Jade tracing a pattern in her palm with the tip of one finger. Stilling herself completely, she concentrated on his touch. Her heart raced when she realized he was writing something over and over. I want you. I want you. I want you.


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Fearless in Love by Estelle Petersen #FearlessFriday #Romance #Discover...


Oh sigh! Fearless in love worth on!

The most fearless act I had ever made in my life was an act of love. I met a gorgeous Scandinavian university student in my city, Brisbane, in eastern Australia years ago. He was a hot hunk who had people around him all the time – it was nearly impossible to get his attention. 

The guy was smart – he was in his last semester studying for his Master’s degree. Each time we met, at parties or elsewhere, he had a girlfriend. I’m not one to cut someone else’s lunch, so I chose to forget any silly notion that there was ever a chance of being with him, let alone have a future together. 

After all, he was from Norway and he had no plans of continuing to live in Australia after he graduated. What chance was there for me? Plus, I had my own pathway. I was finishing my Master of Business Administration (MBA) while working full-time in a great job that I enjoyed very much. 

The months flew by and we met again. This time, he was single and interested. Very interested. We dated, and our relationship grew from fun and flirty to intense and loving. We understood each other emotionally and mentally, connecting in a way that we had never done with anyone else before. 

Four months later, he graduated with his degree and returned to Norway – he couldn’t stay in Australia any longer as the government’s rules on visas were strict. 

Curious about a country so far away from my home, I travelled with my boyfriend to Norway to experience a new place – it was freezing cold when we arrived in the middle of winter. It wasn’t the kind of place I planned to live in, being a woman who loved sunshine and warm weather. When my holiday visa expired, I returned to Australia. My boyfriend remained in Norway, found an apartment, and started working. 

He and I missed each other like crazy for six months. We called each other every day via Skype and our feelings grew stronger and more intense than ever, instead of fading away with time and distance. 

We realized that at some point we would have to make a decision because we couldn’t have a long-distance relationship forever. 

So what did I do? 

I quit my job and hopped on the plane on the day after my last exam, not caring if I had passed or failed my course. Fearless, huh? A friend of mine commented that I was either brave or crazy to make such a bold life-changing move. 

Let’s fast-forward to years later. Today, I am a proud mother of two children and I am married to my Norwegian soulmate. He and I have been through so much, and we stuck together no matter what. We overcame the challenges of language and cultural differences, not to mention the arrows of prejudice that people threw at us. Plus, I continued my career goals – sometimes I had to take two steps backward to make a big leap forward. And yes, I passed every subject in my MBA with flying colors. Perhaps I’m blessed in this life with a wonderful family that my partner and I have made together. 

When it comes to writing and being an author, my partner is my biggest fan. I always give my first paperback copy of my published stories to my husband – signed with love. My latest story is Loving Jack,  an Australian outback romance in the Cowboy Desire anthology published by Black Velvet Seductions. The anthology features stories by fourteen talented and award-winning authors. 

I believe I’m similar to my protagonist, Olivia, who returns home to Australia after living overseas for five years. She realizes that home is an intangible place she creates with her love interest, Jack. Like Olivia, I know that home is where my heart is. 

Check out one of Estelle’s stories:

Cowboy Desire is an eclectic assortment of short stories published by Black Velvet Seductions. It includes contemporary, historical, fantasy, and even outer space romance, Cowboy Desire offers fourteen stunning short stories.

These fourteen authors provide a range of sweet to sexy stories all with a Western cowboy theme. They feature strong men and women battling the weather and dangerous terrain, here on earth and in outer space.

The collection is as diverse as the authors who wrote them. Here’s a chance to discover new talented authors and the characters they create. Within these pages, there are blends of tender, often moving, thought-provoking and downright sexy stories. 

Book link: 

About the author

Estelle Pettersen is an Australian author and former journalist whose romance stories explore empowerment, freedom, and finding one’s strength. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Journalism and Psychology, from the University of Queensland, Australia. Her second degree is an MBA from Queensland University of Technology, Australia. She is a member of Romance Writers of Australia and is passionate about history, languages, cultures, traveling, food, and wine. She is happily married and living in Norway these days. 

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Reading and #Reviews (Binchy)

I'm a writer, but I'm also a reader. Each month, I'll share with you reviews of present and past reads. My available time to read is limited because I write, but I love to curl up with a paperback or an eBook at night for the last hour of my day.

I tend to read what I write, but not exclusively. Besides Romantic Suspense, I read crime and law novels, once in a while a true story, WWII historicals, mysteries, and main stream character driven books.

I have only one complete review to share this month. I previewed two non-fiction books, and I do intend to read them in the next couple of weeks. I started a book by Brenda Novak entitled Blind Spot but was so underwhelmed, I set it aside. I then opened The Vanishing by Jayne Ann Krentz, but I couldn't get past the second chapter. I found her story-telling just that---telling now showing. I couldn't get into it. When this happens, I set the book aside and try again in a few weeks. Maybe it was my mood that night. Maybe next time, I'll enjoy it. So, last night I opened Blind Spot again. I'm not rabid over it, but I will finish. I'll post the review next time.

Minding Frankie by Maeve Binchy

This is the story of a motherless baby girl raised by a close-knit Dublin community. But it's also the story of the adults who share in the love of the child. Maeve Binchy is a master of characterization which is why I love her books. There are stories within stories because of how she is able to weave fascinating, everyday people and their lives together. This was a great read.


When Noel learns that his terminally ill former flame is pregnant with his child, he agrees to take guardianship of the baby girl once she’s born. But as a single father battling demons of his own, Noel can’t do it alone. 

Fortunately, he has a competent, caring network of friends, family and neighbors: Lisa, his unlucky-in-love classmate, who moves in with him to help him care for little Frankie around the clock; his American cousin, Emily, always there with a pep talk; the newly retired Dr. Hat, with more time on his hands than he knows what to do with; Dr. Declan and Fiona and their baby son, Frankie’s first friend; and many eager babysitters, including old friends Signora and Aidan and Frankie’s doting grandparents, Josie and Charles. 

But not everyone is pleased with the unconventional arrangement, especially a nosy social worker, Moira, who is convinced that Frankie would be better off in a foster home. Now it’s up to Noel to persuade her that everyone in town has something special to offer when it comes to minding Frankie.

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Clues from the Bag You Carry by Wendy Kendall #mystery #handbag


I love a big bag. I tried to downsize, but I needed all of the stuff that wouldn't fit in the smaller bag. I am definitely a toter. Read on and discover your true personality. Thanks to my guest today, Wendy Kendall. Her new book sounds like a fun read.

The bag you carry shows clues about the times you live in, the personality of the carrier, and sometimes clues about an unsolved mystery. In my book Kat Out of the Bag, Katherine Watson, amateur sleuth/purse designer investigates many clues. One type is when she reads personalities through the bags suspects carry. 

Handbags is a term first used to describe the luggage both men and women hand carried during the start of train travel. So what is your go-to bag? And when you pick another, what does that say about you? Are you your handbag? Here's some examples . . . 

Shoulder baggers are charismatic, multifaceted doers. This choice is a classic and gracefully works day straight into a night out. That's adaptability in style and personality. From ambitious to playful, there's an allure of mystery. Unpredictability defines you. 

Tote bag toters are far-sighted pragmatists. This roomy carry-all shows you come ready for any situation, including a book or ebook in case you're stuck in a waiting room. This bag is the picture of
preparedness and reflects the carrier's versatility. 

When you grab a clutch, you're showing you're a visual thinker. You're a fashionista and carry elegance on display. You're more interested in the beauty of art and décor than the convenience of size. You're a minimalist at heart. 

Hobo carriers, you're imaginative dreamers and non-conformist, creative, free-spirits. Your bag defies shape and form. You seek opportunities to grab your purse and take off on the next spur-of-the-moment escapade.

Hands free cross body carriers are bold adventurers. You crave new explorations of land and cultures. These bags are just enough space for your essentials, plus a little more.


Kat Out of the Bag by Wendy Kendall 

Someone had their arms around her, and Katherine couldn't scream because they were tightly holding a big, white handkerchief over and in her mouth. It was also over her nose and she could feel that it was wet and sweet all at the same time, like a chemical. She struggled, kicking back with her feet and trying to get her arms free, but those were tightly held down. Katherine was in a panic and all her muscles seized up as she fought. Her last conscious thought was of a huge, black, furry growling beast jumping up at her shoulder height, knocking the person holding her over as she fell hard on the ground. 

Book Blurb:

When celebrated international purse designer Katherine Watson hosts a party for her Purse-onality Museum, she never expected the next day's headline to read: Murder at the Gala Premiere.

Working to solve the murder, Katherine matches wits with local cop Jason Holmes and his K-9 partner Hobbs. Although Holmes and Watson disagree often, they discover an undeniable attraction building between them. They'll have to put their feelings on hold and focus on solving the murder, before Katherine becomes the killer's next knock off. 

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There's Wicked...and then there's Wicked by Jennifer Wilck #WickedWednesday #romance #WRPbks


Please welcome back Jennifer Wilck to Discover... and Wicked Wednesday. As it turns out, wicked has a lot of meanings. Jennifer knows. So grab a cup and enjoy the read.

When Brenda asked me to write about something “wicked” for this blog post, I laughed. My latest book that I’m promoting, Better Together in Boston, is, as you can see from the title, set in Boston. And Bostonians, and New Englanders in general, use the word “wicked” as a synonym for “very.” So I thought the request was appropriate. 

Why is my story set in Boston? Well, this book is part of the Ticket to True Love series, a multi-author contemporary romance anthology. Each participating author is given a letter of the alphabet to use for their title/setting, and I was given the letter “B.” Since my story incorporates Jewish characters, and cities tend to work better for that (at least for my storytelling), I chose Boston. 

But back to “wicked.” I had a wicked hard time writing this book because of the heroine, Anna. She made a brief appearance in the previous book I wrote for this series, Whispers in Washington, as the best friend of the heroine. I wanted to give her her own story, but I wanted her to be different from my other heroines. 

Anna doesn’t want to get married. She doesn’t want children. She doesn’t believe it’s possible to have it all, and she’s chosen a career. She’s in her early forties and she’s satisfied with her life as is. Mostly. So how do I write a heroine who some might think is “wicked” for a typical romance? After all, romance needs a couple that gets a happily ever after (or a happily for now), and if she’s happy being alone, exactly how am I supposed to do that? Is it possible to make her desires change without making her weak? 

Sure. Just like it’s possible to redeem a wicked character from one book and turn them into the hero in another—and no, I’m not saying that women who like their independence or don’t want children are wicked. Not at all. I know plenty of single women who don’t have children and are completely satisfied with their life. I admire them. 

But Anna? Anna is different. Her adult life is built on a difficult childhood. She watched her mother sacrifice everything to raise her, and Anna isn’t sure if she’s unselfish enough to do that. She’s so used to being alone that she forgets that a true partnership can be built with the right person. No, it’s not possible to have everything, but it is possible to have more than one dream with the right kind of help. And that’s where Ben enters. 

So is Anna wicked? No, not to me she isn’t. And I hope readers don’t find her wicked either. In fact, I hope they can see parts of themselves in her, and I hope she gives them hope that sometimes, life can be better with the right person by your side. 

By the way, if you’re interested in where “wicked” comes from, here’s a cute article I found during my research: 

Better Together In Boston Blurb: 

Do you believe in the legend of True Springs? 

Mr. Right doesn’t exist… 

Anna Levinson was raised by a single mother, who sacrificed her dreams to give her daughter a warm, loving home. Now a respected professor on the tenure track, Anna is driven to live the life she thinks her mother should have had. She's long since come to terms with the understanding that “having it all” is impossible if she wants a successful career.  

He’s been told he’s Mr. Wrong more times than he can count… 

Despite being left at the altar twice, Ben Diamond still believes his soul mate is out there. He’s ready to marry and start a family of his own. He just clearly won't recognize her when he does find her. And then he meets the maid of honor at his cousin’s wedding, and his world is thrown off kilter. 

Settling down might be more than they bargained for. 

A long-distance relationship isn’t what either of them has in mind, and Anna isn’t about to ruin another person’s dreams. However, giving each other up is harder than it looks. Can Ben convince Anna that she’s got him all wrong, and that he’s finally gotten it right? 

Fall in love with Anna & Ben in this steamy contemporary romance. 

Ticket to True Love is a steamy contemporary romance series about new beginnings, second chances, and finding true love in unexpected places. Fall in love all over the world with bestselling and award-winning authors JB Schroeder, Savannah Kade, Moni Boyce, Shirley Hailstock, Holland Rae, Julie Strauss, & Jennifer Wilck. Start your next romance with Better Together in Boston now! 

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Jennifer started telling herself stories as a little girl when she couldn’t fall asleep at night. Pretty soon, her head was filled with these stories and the characters that populated them. Even as an adult, she thinks about the characters and stories at night before she falls asleep or walking the dog. Eventually, she started writing them down. Her favorite stories to write are those with smart, sassy, independent heroines; handsome, strong and slightly vulnerable heroes; and her stories always end with happily ever after. 

In the real world, she’s the mother of two amazing daughters and wife of one of the smartest men she knows. She believes humor is the only way to get through the day and does not believe in sharing her chocolate. 

She writes contemporary romance, many of which feature Jewish characters in non-religious settings (#ownvoices). She’s published with The Wild Rose Press and all her books are available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

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