The Art of Love and Murder (A Wild Horse Peaks Novel Book 1)


Southwest of Love and Murder (A Wild Horse Peaks Novel Book 2)

Writing murder mysteries is all in a day's work 
until an obsessed fan brings Phoebe's stories to life.

The Power of Love and Murder (A Wild Horse Peaks Novel Book 3)

Penny’s secrets can ruin the presidential contender who ordered her family’s murder…and mark her as the next hit.


The Deep Well of Love and Murder (A Wild Horse Peaks Novel Book 4)

A vengeful ex-husband and bloody fight for land threaten a love-struck couple’s happiness.

A Legacy of Love and Murder (A Wild Horse Peaks Sequel)

Inheriting an Austrian Castle is an Alpine fairytale for August, 
until someone begins targeting the heirs.

Secrets of the Ravine (The MacKenzie Chronicles Book 1)

An unsolved murder and the disappearance of her love decades ago are back to haunt Magpie MacKenzie. 

Mystery on Spirit Mountain (The MacKenzie Chronicles Book 2)

The past never sleeps, and the truth never dies. 

Dark family secrets and a stormy, friends-to-lovers relationship lead him on a treacherous path.

Curse of Wolf Falls (The MacKenzie Chronicles Book 3)

Secrets can protect what the truth will destroy. 

Elidor is determined to outrun the scavengers, guard the secret, and renew her love with Jules.

Sleeping with the Lights On

An eccentric millionaire seems perfect for Sandra Holiday until ex-husband, Carson, drops back into her life. Can this handsome, country crooner stave off the millionaire and a vengeful stalker or will Sandra forever be Sleeping With The Lights On?


Post-War Dreams

Claire Flanagan’s life is fraught with lost Hollywood dreams, separation from loved ones, an unwanted suitor, and a love she can’t forget. In this post WWII novel, Claire discovers the silver screen can’t compare with the fight she takes on for the leading role in her own life.

 The Morning After

 Can there really be love at first sight?

 Abigail Martin doesn’t think so. Unless the sexy redheaded stranger she wakes   up with the morning after her best friend’s wedding is telling the truth.



 Amanda in the Summer

 Three generations of women…and the secret that strengthens their love.

Candy, Cigarettes, and Murder (A Chocolate Martini Sisters Mystery, Book 1

It’s a birthday weekend with the gift of murder. 

Can the Chocolate Martini Sisters tackle the caper, unsnarl the web of secrets, lies, and vengeance to catch the killer?