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Only in New Orleans by Debby Grahl #NewOrleans #romance #magic


I absolutely love New Orleans. Debby paints a good picture. Please welcome my guest, Debby Grahl.

New Orleans, known as the Crescent City or the Big Easy, just celebrated its three- hundredth anniversary. It was first settled by the French, then taken over by the Spanish, sold back to the French, who then sold it to the United States.

My husband David and I first visited New Orleans in 1989 and fell in love with the city. I’m a history buff by heart so I found the old Spanish architecture with its wrought iron balconies enchanting. All you have to do is walk the streets of the French Quarter to feel the magic.

There’s a saying, “Only in New Orleans.” And this is so true. As I sat on our hotel balcony sipping a glass of wine and munching on a bag of voodoo chips, I could  see a musician setting up on the corner. Soon the clear sounds of his saxophone filled the night. The smell of spicy gumbo from the restaurant across the street wafted through the air.  The clip clop of a horse- drawn carriage passed beneath me, its driver thrilling his passengers with tales of the ghosts who haunt the city. A man, painted silver, walked along juggling oranges, while a bicycle cab pedaled by. On Bourbon Street, a second line band marched past. A group of laughing tourists carrying red go cups went into a bar, and the long low whistle of a paddle wheeler on the river could be heard.

As I sat there taking it all in, I thought what a wonderful place to set a story. From its diverse people and cultures to its incredible food, such as hot sugary beignets, po boy sandwiches, and crawfish etouffee; every kind of music from funky blues to jazz, rock ‘n roll to country; and Voodoo shops, haunted houses, and above-ground cemeteries.

People claim witches and ghosts walk the streets, and I have to admit sometimes I believe it’s true. It was while touring St. Louis #1, the oldest above-ground cemetery in the city, standing in front of the tomb of the Voodoo queen, Marie Laveau, that the idea for His Magic Touch began. I swear she zapped me. I started feeling faint and had to leave the tour. Now, my husband will tell you it was because of the heat, but I felt fine until we approached her tomb. I think my version is more interesting. I began my research into local witchcraft and hauntings.

The Hotel Monteleone, on Royal Street, is one of the settings I use in the book. Not only known for its Carousel Bar, it’s also one of the most haunted hotels in the city.

I hope His Magic Touch brings a little of New Orleans to life for you, and you’ll get a chance to visit this unique city on the Mississippi.

The night before Jared Dupre's wedding, a specter warns him the demonic witch, Adam Montief, has kidnapped his brother in a centuries-old vendetta unknown to Jared. A powerful witch himself, Jared tracks Adam from New Orleans to a remote island off the coast of Connecticut where he's given no choice. He must rescue his brother and break his engagement to Kendra O'Connell, or they both die. After complying, Jared engages in a sword fight and believes he has vanquished his foe, but when he returns to New Orleans, he finds evil still threatens all he loves. Kendra, not knowing why Jared broke their engagement, devastated, finds solace in another's arms. With help from an ancestor's spirit, can Jared defeat the dark magic descending over the Big Easy while winning back the woman he loves? 

Angelique Montief flicked her wrist and set the bamboo ceiling fan spinning. Kneeling on a woven mat with sweat coating her body, she lifted a small wooden brass-bound casket from the bottom of a large trunk, inserted a gold key, and opened the lid. Inside two objects lay wrapped in thick cloth. She carefully unwrapped the smaller bundle to reveal a pentagonal mirror, a gift handed down to her by her grandmother, its ancient oak frame carved with tiny pentacles. She glanced over her shoulder at her locked bedroom door, then stared into the mirror and whispered, “Show him to me.”

When the glass remained blank, fear clutched at her chest. Again, she said the words, and the image of a plantation house engulfed in flames appeared. “No, please, he can’t be dead.” Tears blurred her vision. The fiery image changed to reveal a human form lying beneath flowering bougainvillea.

Hope rising, Angelique peered closer.

“Show me his face.”

She saw his indigo blue eyes blink open.

“I’m coming, my love.” He couldn’t hear her, but she hoped in his heart he knew she would find a way to get to him.

As the smoke in the room thickened, her time was running out. She rewrapped the mirror and placed it into the smaller casket among cloth bags of herbs and potion-filled vials. Relocking the lid, she hung the key on a chain around her neck, dropped a jeweled dagger into her pocket, and tucked the casket under her arm.


Debby Grahl lives on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, with her husband, David. Besides writing, she enjoys biking, walking on the beach and a glass of wine at sunset. Her favorite places to visit are New Orleans, New York City, Captiva Island in Florida, the Cotswolds of England, and her home state of Michigan. She is a history buff who also enjoys reading murder mysteries, time travel, and, of course, romance. Visually impaired since childhood by Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), she uses screen-reading software to research and write her books.

Her first published book, The Silver Crescent, won the Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewers’ Choice award. Her second book, Rue Toulouse, a contemporary romance set in New Orleans, was a finalist in the National Excellence in Romantic Fiction Award and was selected as a May, 2016, ‘local read’ by Hilton Head Monthly.

Decorated to Death is a holiday mystery cozy. She also has stories in three anthologies, The Haunted West, Never Fear/Christmas Terrors; and Ebb and Flow from the local Island Writers’ Network.

Debby was featured in the January, 2016, Hilton Head Monthly article ‘Intriguing People of the Lowcountry’. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Florida Romance Writers, and First Coast Romance Writers.

Her latest book, His Magic Touch, was released December 5, 2018, by Wild Rose Press.

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Desert Rose and Armchair Travel by J. Arlene Culiner #romance #secondact

Muse Monday

My guest today, J. Arlene Culiner, makes a great point. Through a book, you can travel the world!

Armchair travel? Nothing like it. No last-minute panic while getting out to the airport; no check-in, or security check; no obnoxious seat partner on the plane; no screaming babies; no lost baggage; no lousy exchange rate; no pickpockets; no struggle, no bad weather. But, snuggled into your favorite chair, or propped against your pillow, you open your book (or e-reader) and are immediately transported into another world. Not only that: unlike a real tourist, you get to see what’s happening behind the scenes.

Which brings us to Blake’s Folly, Nevada, the setting for my latest romance, Desert Rose, and the soon-to-be released All About Charming Alice (release date February 26). Blake’s Folly is a semi-ghost town in Nevada, a backwoods community of abandoned clapboard shacks, endless wind, and
scraggly vegetation with strange local names like snatch-it shrub and sticky snakeweed. Back in the late 1800s, Blake’s Folly boasted three mining companies, a railway line to Reno, a lot of money, many saloons, and quite a few brothels, but the glory didn’t last. It was soon clear that the silver was running out, and those sane enough to do so, pulled up stakes and left town.

But even half-abandoned, rusty trailer, semi-ghost towns can have great charm, and my hero, geologist Jonah Livingstone, takes great pleasure in sighting the other inhabitants of this flatland: mule deer, bobcats, mountain beaver, spotted bats, desert tortoises, sidewinders, rattlers, chukar partridges, and little gray lizards. Of course, there’s another attraction too: the lovely Rose Badger. But how does Rose see Jonah? She doesn’t seem to favor any one man…

Do you want to know more? Why don’t we go visit Blake’s Folly right now, do it via Armchair Travel, and this excerpt from Desert Rose:

     Rose looked up. “You pass by Blake’s Folly from time to time? Whatever for? This is the end of the world.”
     “The world has several ends, and I work in all of them. I’m a geologist.”
     “Ah, I see. Well, that explains it.”
     “That explains some of it,” he said, taking her in from head to toe with undisguised curiosity. “If this place is the end of the world, how did you get here?”
     “The easiest way possible. I was born here.” Rose glanced out of the window at the early evening light touching up a bleak, empty landscape that would never interest a city slicker; at the gentle snowflakes drifting lazily, as though they had no intention of ever reaching the ground.
     “And you stayed?”
     He was looking even more curious now — if that were possible. She couldn’t blame him. “I did leave Blake’s Folly when I was young. I stayed away for years and was absolutely certain I’d never return, that this place was the absolute pits. It’s funny: there’s nothing going on here. The greatest social event of the year is the Blake’s Folly Get-Together — and that’s just bad music, awkward dancing, and gossip mongering. There’s no cinema within reasonable distance, no shopping outside of Reno — and that’s a very long, boring drive away. Yet, this place has a strange pulling power. So I came back, decided to settle.”
     “Your husband is from Blake’s Folly too?”
     Rose’s eyes flicked back to his. Ah ha. So, he was interested and checking out the territory. “No husband.”
     He looked surprised. “An unmarried woman in such an out-of-the-way place?”
     What was he asking? If she was lonely? Desperate for male company?
     Rose laughed outright. “Oh, there are plenty of men around, believe me.” There were. They were out on the ranches, or climbing over the hills, or looking for gold, or photographing, or pounding along the history trail, or doing research, or taking care of animals, or looking for fossils, or stopping at the Mizpah Hotel and Restaurant for a drink, a chat, a meal, and a little human warmth out here on the lonely flatland. She’d always had her share of admirers too, although none lived in Blake’s Folly — they’d have to be half-mad to do something like that. This place was a rusty trailer, scrapyard, abandoned car, clapboard shack, sagging old house community: a dead end if there ever was one.
     He took the little gift-wrapped packet she held out, slipped it into the pocket of his leather jacket. Turned, looked out at the night, but didn’t move towards the door. Rose watched him, wondered why he was hesitating. Because he wanted to stay? Talk to her? Get to know her? Because he too acknowledged the buzz that was still hovering in the air around them, and he wanted to explore it, see where it would go?
     Then he shook his head, turned back to her, the smile still playing softly around his lips.
     “Well, I’d better be on my way. Looks like the snow isn’t letting up.”
     “No,” Rose agreed. “There have been blizzard warnings all day.”
     “Yes.” His eyes held hers. Warm eyes. Intimate eyes. Eyes that, in certain circumstances, could create havoc with a woman’s senses. “Nice talking to you.”
     “Nice talking to you too.” She meant it.
     He still wasn’t heading toward the door. “My name is Jonah. Jonah Livingstone.”
     “I’m Rose Badger.”
     He nodded. “Until next time, Rose.”
     “See you then.”
     He stepped out into the night, half-turned, just briefly, his hand raised in a half-wave, half-salute. Then, vanished into the falling snow and dusky evening.
     Rose shrugged. Next time, he’d said? What sort of next time? This was Blake’s Folly. People always said they’d be back, but they rarely were. Why return to a pile of clapboard shacks and abandoned trailers? This was nowhere. This was the end of the line, socially speaking. This was a has-been. This was home. 

Men love Rose Badger, and if the other inhabitants of dead-end Blake’s Folly, Nevada, don’t approve, she couldn’t care less. With a disastrous marriage far behind her, settling down is the last thing she intends to do. Isn’t life for fun? Doesn’t a stable relationship always mean predictability and boredom? Well… perhaps things might be different with Jonah Livingstone, but he is off limits for anything other than friendship. Even though, secretly, she’s deeply attracted to him, she knows he’s still entangled in a complicated past relationship. Besides, Rose has another secret life—one that she’ll never give up for any man.

The last person geologist Jonah Livingstone expected to meet in a semi-ghost town is Rose Badger. She’s easy-going, delightfully spontaneous, and Jonah is certain their attraction is mutual. But Rose is always surrounded by a crowd of admirers and doesn’t seem inclined to choose a favorite. Though Jonah has also suffered a failed marriage, he can’t help being drawn to Rose—and he dares to hope she may feel the same for him. But is Jonah too independent to settle into a permanent relationship again? He’s leading his own very private life, as well…and secrets are an excellent protection against love. Will he do what it takes to hold on to his Desert Rose?

Author Website: 

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The Story of a Special Friend, Amigo #rescuedog

Over three years ago, we lost Rusty. Our beloved friend had been a rescue dog from the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. We didn’t think we’d ever get another dog. Rusty was a friend, fishing buddy, household helpmate, and our soulmate dog. He was dubbed “the smartest dog in the world.” He helped me carry in groceries, picked dirty clothes off the floor and took them to the laundry, and reprimanded FDW when he couldn’t land a fish. We loved him as part of our family.

Amigo in his culvert home
Then a month or so ago, we decided it might be time. We knew we wanted a rescue dog, and I made the rounds of Internet sites. While checking on one dog, the foster mom told me about another dog we might consider. Amigo wasn’t even listed on the site yet. When we heard his story, saw his photos, and watched a video of him, we knew we’d found our next friend. And he was even named Amigo!

Here’s his amazing story:

A Blackhat Humane Society (serving the Navajo Nation) volunteer
Wiley and Amigo
noticed a blind dog on her commute to work in Gallup, NM for several months. He was living in an arroyo, in the wild. At some point, she also saw a younger dog living in a small culvert pipe who was the blind dog's loyal friend. She found out the homeless people in the area were feeding the dogs. She named the blind dog, who was three or four years old, Wiley. Perfect, huh? The younger dog, who was gauged to be between nine months and a year, became Amigo.

Amigo is rescued
After receiving permission from Blackhat, she set a trap to bring them in for rescue. Amigo was taken first. It took a bit longer to capture Wiley. Wiley was taken to a blind dog rescue site in Albuquerque. Amigo was taken to Colorado and the foster home of Linda.

In the beginning, he stayed in his makeshift cave for comfort. After 24 hours, foster Mom, Linda, had to carry him out to relieve himself. Three weeks of care readied him for a family. We met her in Gallup, NM to bring him home.

We were a bit nervous making a 3 ½ hour drive to get him. What if he didn’t like us? What if we
Love at first sight
didn’t feel the bond? In spite of his story and photos, we knew if we didn’t all click, we’d leave without him. Luckily, and happily, that didn’t happen. He was all over us, and we loved him immediately.

He started out timid, but never aggressive. His reaction to every human he came in contact with was totally friendly. Dogs were
Sadi reading to Amigo
another story. Although, not aggressive, he was very scared. The second day we had him, our granddaughter, Sadi, came to spend the weekend. They fast became friends. She suggested we take him to the dog park. Greatest suggestion ever. After about an hour of tucked tailed and bared teeth, he was running and playing. He's quickly come out of his cautious, feral ways.

Amigo is sweet and lovable. I think he has a funny face. FDW
Warming up to the dog park
thinks he's cute and does not like me saying that. We’re still working on the come command, but he’s mastered sit and no. I think we made a good choice. I’m pretty sure if Amigo could speak, he’d agree.

For more information on the Blackhat Humane Society, CLICK HERE.

For the complete story of the rescue of Wiley as told by the Blackhat volunteer, CLICK HERE. Be advised, you'll see the first page of the story, then need to download the newsletter to read the rest.

Amigo knows how to relax

Hard to get mad at that face!

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Singing Fearlessly by Fran Thomas #FearlessFriday #sing


Please welcome Fran Thomas to Discover... I don't know about you, but auditioning for a chorale would strike fear in my heart! 

I am an unlikely prospect to blog on Fearless Friday. I’d never in a million years consider something like skydiving. Yet, as a singer, I have done something that I suppose many might regard as scary. I’ve auditioned.

Although I am a founding member of the Symphonic Chorale of Southwest Florida, that doesn’t mean I don’t have to audition in order to remain a member in good standing. Every three years, I’ve had to select a piece of music that I feel confident I can perform. The chorus is on its second artistic director now, so I’ve had to get through this experience three times in front of two very different men.

For my most recent audition, I chose a piece in Italian. Mind you, I don't speak Italian; however, I can pronounce the words pretty accurately and have a nodding acquaintance with what they mean. I first learned this song when I took a voice class at a community college. Fortunately, the conductors I've auditioned for did not require the piece to be memorized. I was allowed to use the sheet music and had to bring an extra copy for the accompanist. 

Besides the prepared song, conductors usually expect singers to sight-read something. They’ll play you a chord to give you an idea what the key is and the first note of the phrase. Then you’re on your own. My current conductor also wanted singers to repeat a sequence of random notes. This isn’t too bad when there are three or four notes, but more than that is a real challenge. Somehow, I passed. I’ve got another year before I must go through this ordeal again.

Of course, all the years of singing gave me material to draw on in my latest book, Making Time with the Maestro.The idea for it actually came to me while I was on stage about to sing Mozart’s Requiem. You know, the one heard in the movie Amadeus? What can I say? Sometimes it gets boring up there waiting for the orchestra to tune up. I hope my tale of an opera company getting started doesn’t bore my readers.



On her first day as PR Director of the Edison City Opera, Alice Wright refutes the allegations of a lovesick violinist and demands a retraction from the city’s gossip rag. Oh, and becomes engaged to the impetuous maestro. 

Lorenzo Moretti could get any woman he wants with a wave of his baton. But his only passion is the exquisite music he conducts. A fiancée in name only will keep other women from ruining his concentration.

Soon, a more serious problem arises. Financial woes reach a crescendo that threatens to end the opera company before the curtain rises. With both their careers on the line, Alice and Lorenzo must work together to save the company. 
Will their duet continue when the curtain comes down?

Connect with Fran:

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Reading and #Reviews (Sandford, Collins, Hoornstra, and Gallant)

I'm a writer, but I'm also a reader. Each month, I'll share with you what I'm reading and some reviews. My available time to read is limited because I write, but I love to curl up with a book or a reader at night for the last hour of my waking day.

I tend to read what I write, but not exclusively. My current read is a Romantic Suspense by J L Wilson entitled Candy, Corpses, and Classified Ads. I'm not quite finished so you'll have to wait until another month for the review. But I also like detective thrillers, WWII historicals, mysteries, and some main stream character driven novels.

Here are some of the books I've read recently. Maybe you'll discover a new book or author!

John Sandford is the author of the Prey series, Crime/Thriller. I’ve read eighteen of the twenty-six books in this series. Although I didn’t start with book one, I changed directions after the first couple. They can be read out of order, but because the main character, Lucas Davenport, starts as a maverick detective and works his way up the law enforcement ladder, in order might be advised. I LOVE these books. I’ll certainly be sure to finish the series eventually. My TBR pile runneth over.

The Hunger Games #1 in the series by Suzanne Collins

I saw the movies first. I really didn't care about seeing them or reading the books, but my FDW came home one night with the first one from the Redbox. Wow, did I get hooked! We watched all three on consecutive nights. I then got the books. So entertaining! Books and movies differ, but I thoroughly enjoyed both.

On the Surface #1 in the series by Margo Hoornstra
For some reason I'm always attracted to bounty hunter stories, if there's romance involved. Margo Hoornstra didn't disappoint me with this Romantic Suspense. A wrongly convicted woman has to depend on one handsome bounty hunter to help rid herself of the slimy guy who used her and is coming back for more. She's caught between keeping herself out of his web and the law, and she needs help. The hero is a certainly the one she needs. This is good romance and suspense.

Hidden Secrets #3 in series by Jannine Gallant
I've read quite a few books by Jannine Gallant, and she continues to please. This Romantic
Suspense is maybe the best. It's been a long time that a book has kept me reading past my usual bedtime. An antique dealer has something that can lead to a murderer. I had a lot of fun trying to figure out who the bad guy was and never did nail it. The romance between two childhood friends was so believable. An absolutely great read.

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#Wicked Funny Scene- The Invitation: Hat Trick Scene by Nikki Woolfolk #dating #stud


The cheese had slid off her cracker? My guest today, Nikki Woolfolk, cracks me up. Dating is the topic and you're sure to chuckle a little. Please enjoy!

Dating is tough and being on an unintentional blind date is a tier of either awful, hysterical or both. I’ve been privy to my friend’s real-life dating that leads to HEA, but my own dating life was filled with social interaction failures that made me a star in my own real-life sitcom. When folks ask the ‘what’s the worse that could happen?’ my friends could wave a hand in my direction as answer to the question.

They weren’t wrong and I got use to recounting the dating incidents in a manner that brought the listener to reflex tears from laughing too hard. What made it a schadenfreude is that I never purposely pursued dating at the time, so my misadventures in love became fodder for my writing.

In my first novella I added a fictitious element to a real-life time in my life. My father was ready to be a grandfather and had no qualms calling me at random moments to tell me. It did not matter that I wasn’t dating anyone or even definitive in my choice of becoming a parent. Forget biological clock, my father’s (grandfather) clock was chiming every moment of every hour, every day.

It was irritating, but when I would lament to friends they would laugh. “I’m sorry. I agree it’s not cool, but your dad is really funny. Usually it’s the mom you hear about wanting to be a grandparent.”
They were right.

In the middle of my self-pity I pondered the angle of blind dates that lead to an adventure instead of misery. What if I created a main character whose father was baby crazy and a daughter who was happily single AND about to come out to her father as not being straight?

Then I wondered what would happen if attempts to cancel the blind date led to misadventures in love and friendship.

I love stories that have madcap comedy, mistaken identities, and main characters that discover a secret auction of male stud auctions for women. You know? The usual.
A snippet of The Invitation (a.k.a The Winter Triangle):

When the laughter simmered down, a young woman in a teal-colored, silk dress with a skirt gathered into the sides draping like a dark waterfall around her chair spoke.
“Some of us are here to fulfill a natural, biological calling that will hopefully result in a nurturing bond that has eluded some of us for years.” Cassandra nodded in sympathy. “Men are so selfish to choose not to give a child to a woman that desperately wants one so badly. How dare a man say no!”
Cassandra stopped nodding.
The teal lady, though refined in dress, had a facial expression that hinted at something being off. Walter would have said that the cheese had slid off her cracker, but Cassandra didn’t think it wise to share the thought her entire table was obviously thinking.
The ladies’ faces sobered, and they all took a sip of their drinks.
Cassandra wished to distance herself from what felt just not right. Her stomach began to churn.
She had a terrible feeling something awful was going to happen. But she had to find the right opportunity to take her package.
“Ladies, here is our next available gentleman for your bidding. Remember that if you are the winning bid, please bring him back well-rested and rehydrated.”
All nodded and murmured in agreement. As the women’s eyes were turned toward the stage, Cassandra snatched the box and placed it into her pocket. She signaled to Morgan that they should leave when the soft, green velvet curtain pulled back, and Hunter, shirtless, stepped onto the dais.
Cassandra and Morgan’s eyes goggled.
So did Hunter’s.
The announcer sifted quickly through her notecards. Hunter held his shirt and his coat draped over his arm. He whispered something to the announcer, who smiled broadly and eyed him up and down. “Ladies,” she paused and rubbed her hands together, “His name is Hunter.”
Several women in the crowd tittered.
The announcer sifted through her cards again. “Ladies, perhaps we should bring out another gentleman in order to give Mr. Hunter a proper introduction?”
There was a collective sigh of disappointment. Hunter started to walk off the dais when—
“Abigail! He looks barely old enough to sit at a bar,” one lady called out.
The announcer, Abigail, narrowed her eyes at the heckler.
“Are his eyes really that blue?” another asked.
“Ladies,” Abigail said. “Imagine nine months from tonight. You’re holding that bundle of joy in your arms. The baby will have this gentleman’s azure eyes and raven hair.”
Hunter’s face paled.
Morgan tugged on Cassandra’s arm to ask what was happening, but Cassandra could not bring her focus away from what was happening in front of her.
“So, Hunter,” said Abigail as she looked him up and down, “What is your staying power? Are you able to offer three deliveries or a hat trick to our ladies this evening?”
Hunter’s mouth opened and closed for a few moments. “Well…to be truthful, I’m not sure. I-I mean, I’ve never had a chance to be with someone in that way. I meant the opportunity has never been…offered.”
The room went still. Cassandra still had not closed her mouth, and her eyes had widened with each telling word Hunter had spoken of his unclaimed virtue. A beat later, every woman’s numbered paddle went up, and the bidding fervor began.
Cassandra couldn’t believe her ears. Morgan looked around in confusion. These women were bidding amounts for one night with Hunter what a large family of Stubborn would require to buy a farm. And many of these bidders would be far from an age where having a child would even be possible. Then, Cassandra looked at the lady in teal. Her paddle was down, and her chance was gone. Perhaps there would be other fertile men who…
The heated bidding screeched to a halt.
“Going once, going twice…”
Cassandra pulled Morgan by the sleeve and stood up. “Hunter!” she yelled.
“Sold!” Hunter yelled. He jumped off the dais and ran with Morgan and Cassandra to the exit.
As they raced through the hall, she asked, “How in the world did you end up on the auction block as a stud?"
Hunter shook his head. “Don’t ask.”

My Steampunk RomCom novella THE INVITATION (a.k.a. The Winter Triangle) is set on Valentine’s Eve. Can you guess which aspects are fiction and which are my memoir of my dating misadventures? The Invitation: a Night of Misadventures with Love can be purchased on Amazon, iTunes, etc.

Find out more about Nikki and her books by clicking HERE
And on her web site by clicking HERE

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WIP Update #RomanticSuspense #series

I'm having a lot of fun with this romantic suspense. This is going to be a fun, character driven series.

To recap from my last check-in with you: Joshua, Arizona is buzzing with the news of a body found down in The Ravine. The bones are twenty-five to thirty years old. That could mean the unsolved murder from 1990 might be related to the unidentified body. Could it be the body of the teen who went missing? Or could the teen have been the murderer who then ended up in a shallow grave? Will Magpie’s father be a suspect in two murders? I’ve dipped into all of these questions.

And I've answered some of them. But I don't want to answer them here. You have to wait for the book. I will say, the murder suspects have been narrowed down. At this point, there are three possibilities. 

The romance has continued to flourish...well at least the sex part has. There are obstacles to a happily ever after. Why is Zack so obsessed with finding what happened to the teen? And when he finds out his connection, why is Magpie having doubts about Zack? 

I have to throw you some other clues to the plot so far: aura, intuition, channeling, genetic memory. There's a mystic theme to this romantic suspense.

I've finished chapter fifteen. I'm probably five chapters away from the first draft completion.