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Monday, October 28, 2013

Promo, Promo...Back to Writing

What a week it was! Amanda in the Summer was free on Amazon for five days which required me to spread the word. I appeared on thirteen blogs and tweeted up a storm. Totally missed writing my Tortuga Thursday blog.

The point of free days is to get your name out, get the book seen and lead readers to the author. I became a ratings maniac checking my Amazon rank every few hours. The higher the rank, the more books are downloading. The thing is I have no real idea of what the ranking means. I know there are thousands of free books offered on any given day. To break the top 100 is supposed to be a big deal. And I did break it several times getting as high as 86 in over all free Kindle downloads. I actually made it to number 6 in women's contemporary. That one threw me since my publisher classifies the book as mainstream historical.

So how many books did I give a way? No idea. And I won't know for probably a month or better. It takes Amazon a while to report numbers to my publisher who will then post the results on their on-line author pages.

The question is will this give a way help me? Will more people know who I am? Will more readers look for my books. Will I actually sell some copies of Amanda in the Summer? Will I sell more copies of my other books?

Can I get back to writing, please?


  1. All good questions, Brenda. Now I must go see how my free download did, though not as well as yours, I suspect. I didn't blog nearly enough! Thirteen times in a week? You go!

    1. I think tweeting might have helped just as much if not more. Good luck, Ashantay!