The Power of Love and Murder (book four in the series)
N N Light Reviews

If you’re a fan of romantic suspense, this is a must read. If you’re a fan of suspense and/or political thrillers, you’ll love it!  

Kam’s Place Reviews
Like the other "Love andMurder" books in the series, Brenda crafted a story full of mystery, corruption, bit of romance, and ended it all with a happily ever after. 

Mary Kennedy Eastham, Author
Brenda Whiteside does a wonderful job of drawing you into the story with her masterful development of the characters. 

Kat Doran, Author
The characters are complex and well written. The conflict is logical and understandable for the situation. An interesting take is the villian's point of view. 

Heidi M. Thomas, Award Winning Author of the Cowgirl Dreams triology
Tense, tight, exciting…with the right amount of passion and humor.

A Legacy of Love and Murder (book three in the series)

A true mystery is woven throughout the story of Herr Luschin’s death. An intricate plot underlies the entire tale, and is intriguing.

What an explosive series! I’ve loved these books from the very first one, and this was just another one that had me hooked. Brenda Whiteside is an amazing author who creates brilliant characters, and is one of the few writers that can create tension brilliantly. Highly recommended.

*The pace of the story is steady and the characters kept my interest. Really didn't like the Baddies. Easy read, with a clear-cut mystery that I recommend taking the time to read. 4 Stars 

*This book should come with the following warning message: Do Not Start This Novel Unless Your Schedule is Free because it will be impossible to put it down until it's finished. Highly recommend this one to both men and women! 5 Stars

Southwest of Love and Murder (book two in the series)
Undercover Book Reviews
WOW!!!...a ride you sure as heck don’t see coming! 

Lockdown/Samie Sands
The story is complex and the twists and turns are unexpected. I don't think it's like anything else within the same genre and that's what makes it stand out from the crowd. 

Harp’s Reviews
This book is a great murder mystery. Great read that was hard to put down. 

Unabridged Andra
Violence may be easy to see and experience on paper and in the media, but when it comes to your doorstep, it changes a person and you can almost feel that change overtake Phoebe-a very cool character moment from Brenda!

The Art of Love and Murder (book one in the series)
Long and Short Reviews

The book’s strength is in its characters and descriptions… The setting was a character in itself. I loved the town! The author really made it come to life, not stinting on details (but not boring the reader either)… the writing kept me turning pages and I never once thought about setting it down.

Page Princess

I give this book a Loved It rating. The Art of Love and Murder is the perfect summer read to grab while the weather is hot. Brenda Whiteside ropes you in and will have you not wanting to move from your spot until you finish every last page.

Highly recommended. The Art of Love and Murder is full of strong, believable characters and a gripping suspenseful plotline. It was really easy to visualise the events as the setting description was fantastically detailed.

Musings from an Addicted Reader
I liked this story a lot. The chemistry between the two is sizzling, another great read from Brenda Whiteside.

Zombies Inside
The Art of Love and Murder is full of strong, believable characters and a gripping suspenseful  plotline. Highly recommended for anyone who likes romance mixed with intrigue.

The Morning After 
The Romance Reviews 5 Stars Top Pick
If you like contemporary, down home western romances blended with laugh-out-loud humor, you simply must check out THE MORNING AFTER by Brenda Whiteside. You will not be disappointed, especially since this story starts out like a firecracker going off in Sunday church services.

The Romance Studio
Brenda Whiteside has penned a story that excites. She makes the ambiance of the story real and keeps it flowing at a good pace to not lose the reader. Her storytelling is simply divine. She makes falling in love at first sight truly real in every sense of the word. A recommended read by far.
RT Reviews
There is only one word to describe this novella — adorable! While readers miss the couple’s “meet cute” the truth is that we don’t need to know what happened the first night they met because Abby and Bobby’s entire relationship is heartmeltingly sweet. This is a morning after that readers will not regret one bit.

Coffee Time Romance Reviews 
This is a really fun read that is based on falling in love at first sight. Abigail and Bobby are extremely likeable characters and they have great attraction between them. The western setting is realistic and adds strength to the storyline. The story flows very naturally and is well-paced; I even held my breath towards the climatic scenes near the end. I heartily recommend this book.

Sleeping with the Lights On
RT Book Reviews
Cheers to Whiteside for writing a heroine who exists outside of conventional romance novels in terms of age and marital status...novel is written with a pleasantly light sense of humor...
Ana Morgan, The Muse
“a page turner...characters come instantly alive, and their lives intertwine seamlessly in this fast paced romance...”
Coffee Time Romance and More
Brenda Whiteside writes with a voice that keeps the reader coming back for more. I recommend Sleeping with the Lights On for the hair-raising suspense as well as the melt your heart romance.
Night Owl Romance
I could immerse myself in the ambiance she created and the ending was a real surprise!!

My Overstuffed Book Shelf
The suspense was great…The romance was great. A new debut book from a wonderful author who I will definitely be looking out for in the future.
Amanda in the Summer

“Evocative and thought-provoking. AMANDA IN THE SUMMER exposes love’s inexplicable complexities.”
~Tamara Hogan, author

Divas of Desire Blog: This is a story of mothers and daughters, love and friendship, and the decisions we all have to make. I recommend Amanda in the Summer to readers who enjoy woman's fiction written with a light touch.

Still Moments Magazine
Letters that take a reader through the years. A short story, yet engaging with interesting characters and family connections. Thoroughly entertaining.

Post-War Dreams
Have You Heard Book Reviews
I think the writing is amazing and the characters perfectly carved out for this book. I enjoyed the all around way Ms. Whiteside included everyone. Claire's relationship with her father and her friends is just as important as her dreams. Post-War Dreams allows us to see the good and the bad of life. Ms. Whiteside is a wonderful storyteller.

Manic Readers
Whiteside is a lovely story teller, who gives us vivid mind’s eye pictures of the people, the surroundings, & the emotions of her characters. I have read her other books, & enjoy them all.

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