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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - #21

There are neighbors...and there are neighbors.

These pictures are only a few examples of the variety of homes in Paulden.

We have new neighbors to our west. I haven't nailed down exactly who lives there, but I've seen a woman, probably middle aged, a young man of maybe teen years and a younger woman. But I've seen some men come and go. Relatives? Let me say something about Paulden first. This is the kind of area where people come to live the way they want to live. And I don't have anything against that UNLESS their lifestyle infringes on my lifestyle. I think you can tell from my previous posts, I'm a visual person. I'm not crazy about these new neighbors. Their open-sided storage shed faces our property, and it's jammed with - oh I don't know - junk? The contents spill out next to the shed (I use that term loosely). On their front porch is stuff. I can't make out what exactly. And guess what! Next to the porch is a couch. I get to stare at textbook hicksville out my window as I write. They are the backdrop to my orchard. Once the trees are leafed out, most of the view will be obscured. But really!

The first trees we can afford to plant on our property line will be to the west.

That's how it is out here. There are some beautiful homes, common homes like ours and some really tacky ones - all within sight of each other. Thank goodness there are no plots smaller than two and half acres.

Dave and Eunice, that loaned their tiller, live a few acres away. I visited them a couple of days ago. My purpose was to give Eunice two of my books. She likes romance. They've been so nice, and we don't  have much to give in return yet. Last week we (well, not me) baked them cookies. Small payment for all their kindness. I liked their place. They have cows, goats, chickens and three little yipping dogs. Their property is well maintained. I stepped into her home and she apologized for the dust. That's funny. Dust comes with every home here. So I gave her Honey On White Bread and Sleeping with the Lights On , and I came home with four dozen eggs and four sacks of okra. Unreal. Talk about good neighbors.


  1. I think county people are always more friendly and generous than city people. Perhaps they have more time?

    1. Time is probably a big factor. And maybe something to do with being more involved with nature. I know even in MN when I was outside working in my flower garden, neighbors would be out doing the same and we'd converse, etc. Whatever the reason, I like friendly.

  2. Interesting post. Unfortunately, no matter where you live you can have the spill over and porch couch issues. And I must agree with Jenny about city and country people, but not always the case. Dave and Eunice sound like awesome neighbors to have and I think you'll have a new fan in Eunice. Hope all your fruit trees survived your cold snaps, as MN apple tree farmers lost most of their crops last week.

    1. Keeping our fingers crossed on the trees. We've read the magic low temp is 28 and we haven't gotten that low since they bloomed.

  3. I guess there are pro's and con's for living anywhere and I think you gave examples of both. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about the messy ones.

    1. My solution to plant trees to block the view is the best I can do. We all have our own ideas and tolerance for what makes a home! I'd rather have it this way than one neighborhood I lived in that told me when I could put up my Christmas lights and when they had to come down.