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Monday, June 6, 2016

Vacation? Lazy Muse! #romance #suspense

I finally got around to updating the cover photo for A Legacy of Love and Murder on this blog ...look to the right. I've been knee deep in completing book four and eyeball deep in getting our property ready to sell.

The old cover was one of my favorites to date, but apparently there are readers who will not pick up a book with a Swastika on the cover. The book doesn't promote Neo-Nazism. If anything the story is a slam against the movement. Neo-Nazism provides a good villain who doesn't win. This book has great suspense and completes a thread that started in book one. Those that have read the book have praised it. But I ask you, if someone won't even pick it up, how will they know? So, my only alternative was to change the cover. My publisher, The Wild Rose Press, was wonderful to do that for me. I hope those readers will give it a shot. There are those who say this is my finest novel yet.

Yesterday, I hit send and the fourth book in the series, The Power of Love and Murder, is now on my editor's virtual desk. This book darn near required blood to get it finished. These last few months have been an uproar in my personal life. Not bad things, but a case of time drain. My son and his family left the farm for good and moved to Colorado for a new job. He bemoaned leaving the farm, but couldn't pass this up. We helped them move and spent a week there helping them get settled. Then we tackled the job of getting the farm ready to sell. It sold first day on the market. Amazing. In the midst of that, I typed "the end".

You might remember the Black Fairy from book one, The Art of Love and Murder. Penny Sparks was dubbed with her nick-name by Lacy. Penny was the night clerk at the Grand View Hotel who dressed Goth and fit right in with the supposed haunted hotel. Who knew she lived under an alias and had a past that demanded she stay hidden in fear? This is her book. I had a good time writing one of the villains in this story. He has a past too, sad, and it drives him down the wrong path. My secondary characters are fun. My hero Jake Winters is a rock star six months out of rehab. I think you'll like the mix and get some  nail biting suspense as Jake and Penny run from the murderer.

My muse and I think we need a breather...a mindless breather. I'll work on promotion while my husband and I hunt for a place to live. It's been a whirlwind.


  1. Congrats on finishing the book! Enjoy a well-deserved mindless breather (love the expression. :)

    1. Thanks, Joanne. I'm trying to get in that mode!