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Thursday, November 24, 2016

An RV Ranch Thanksgiving

Ranch bird sanctuary
I hope everyone is having a thankful Thanksgiving. I wrote this post yesterday, knowing I’d be overindulging in turkey, stuffing, and family time today. Our family is small, but we make a lot of racket and writing would be out of the question. We’ll do a little trippin’ this holiday long weekend from Tonto Basin to Prescott to Wickenburg and back to the basin. 

The RV Ranch is filling up with the usual winter visitors now that November is here. Most of our friends kind of come and go after they’ve come back for the season. Only a couple of them hang here for the holidays. I haven’t had a great deal of time to get social. They wouldn’t have wanted me. I’ve been coughing and feeling generally blah since we got back from Colorado at the end of October. Two trips to the Indian Medical Center has only got me to a certain level of well. Now, I’m trying some of my own remedies. 

I did make it to the annual pig roast and tried to hold the coughing down as much as possible. Missing the food was out of the question! I did miss several birthday celebrations. No one seemed to mind! 

FDW and I went to Laughlin for a few days. It might have been better if I’d
Big fish
stayed in bed because I think the trip set me back some. The smoky casinos are not conducive to keeping the lungs healthy. The fishing was hit and miss. I got some writing done, too. It was a cheap trip since we had free nights. Tip for anyone within driving distance of a casino: Stay at one a couple of times and you will repeatedly be invited back for free nights or greatly discounted with extras such as free meals. We never pay to stay in
Little fish
Laughlin anymore.

Managed to make it through a Fall Festival a couple of weeks ago with a bag of cough drops in my purse. I think I own stock in Halls by now. Chino Valley, AZ area never ceases to
What were they selling?
have some surprises. Take a look who had the booth next to the local author tent!

My eye appointment went great. After the rude dude at the driver’s license renewal office scared the you know what out of me telling me there was something wrong with my right eye. The doctor confirmed there is nothing wrong, other than a floater. He even checked for melanoma. I’m free and clear and breathing easier. 

We tried to walk a couple of mornings, but honestly, the desert and I are
Desert walk is 4 wheeler trail
not on speaking terms right now. I want badly to get back to it, but the cough won’t give me peace. I’m sure I’ve gained back the six pounds I’d lost.

Always dry Ranch wash
We’ve had a little rain in the basin, but as you can see, not enough to get the wash flowing. It hasn’t flowed in the three years we’ve been coming to the Ranch. I’d love to see that happen.

I guess my big tip this time was casino specials. Lately, I’ve been finding great deals for Christmas and I’ll try to remember to share next time. 

Enjoy your feast, big or small, wherever you are!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Brenda! I'm at a lull right now and looking at email. Hope your health gets better. Take care!

    1. Hi Ilona! I am better. Thanks. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

    2. Hi Ilona! I am better. Thanks. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  2. My DH and I went out to dinner on Wednesday...thought that would do. But I caved in and bought a Butterball (for half price!) on Thursday and cooked it here in the VRBO...the smell was worth it. Leftovers-priceless. Today I'm happy I'm not out shopping with the crowds. Glad to hear you are better, Brenda. We need you healthy to write and be the spitfire you are.