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Thursday, November 3, 2016


View has always mattered to me.
Sitting inside this morning, the sun barely up, my fireplace the only light, I watched the rain coming down out my window.
If you’re considering renting space at an RV Park, think about it. Think about how close the quarters are. Think about how much time you’ll spend outside. The outside time is so important.
The out-of-doors ambience is why we chose this RV Ranch. This place is not the typical grid layout with gravel grounds, a square of
Rainy direction
cement, and one spindly tree. Our Ranch is rustic with lots of old trees. But not all of the spaces are desirable…from my point of view.
We chose our current spot on the RV Ranch because of the view out our back window and while sitting on the patio. Most all of the spaces have views of other RV’s. When we first moved our small fifth wheel to this park, we had to take a cramped space in the middle. We were surrounded by other trailers. We added our name to the wait list for any spots that might open on the fringe. It took a year, but we finally landed one at the rear of the park with the forest and Tonto Creek beyond. It’s narrow. Our patio abuts right up against our neighbor. But the space we have out the back is worth it. When we’re sitting on our patio we feel the open space, watch the hummingbirds and quail, and enjoy the old trees.
My spoiled view the other way.
And then the neighbor on the other side vacated and Charlie moved in with his big trailer that halls all his “stuff”. I immediately visited Charlie and told him my dilemma. He wasn’t very sympathetic. He’s parked on his allotted space and that’s where he wants it. Too bad, Brenda.
What to do? We’re on the wait list again, but the only better spots than ours will take a death to get them. This RV Ranch is very popular in this area. People rent a spot and pay for it year-round, even if they only come on weekends or three months in the winter.
We're at the end of Lazy Loop.
So now, the only logical alternative is to send subliminal thoughts to Charlie…move, move, move. We’re working hard on it. FDW is much better at sending daggers than I am. Surely, Charlie won’t be able to take the atmosphere here much longer!


  1. Good luck, Brenda! If it were us, my husband would be thinking poison! LOL! We have a house in a nice, old neighborhood and a pretty big backyard, but my husband bitches when the neighbors mow their lawns on weekends and disturbs his peace and quiet. I really hope you get your scenic view back. Viewing nature is so soothing and good for the soul. Cheers!

    1. Men can be so grumpy, can't they? LOL Thanks, Mary.

  2. Ahhh, the tradeoffs. If we want comfort, convenience AND the feeling of being alone in a natural setting, it costs money. My husband built a salt water purification system for out boat so we could anchor out longer in our boat. Cost: $7000. Geesh!

    1. Oh ouch, Rolynn. That's quite a trade off.