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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This Crazy Blogging Thing

I've spent the morning researching blogging. It's the kind of research that makes my skin crawl and convinces me I have the condition called Restless Leg Syndrome. I THINK I managed to link my Amazon and GoodReads author pages to this, Discover Yourself, blog. And so I discovered I really don't like this kind of techie business.

I'm done for today. I really have to get back to book one in my Lacy Dahl series, to be renamed when I figure out just what I want to call them. Lacy is the heroine in book one, and the next two books will result from her adventure of discovery. Funny story before I dive back in - my hero, and her soon to be love interest was named Lance Meadowlark. My son's name is Lance and for some reason this hero felt like a Lance - until I got to the love scene. Then the ick factor exploded. I didn't characterize my hero as my son, but I could not write a love scene using my son's name. Lance became Chance.


  1. Too funny, Brenda. I agree, thinking about family members and S-E-X is not a good combo!