Sunday, August 12, 2012

All of Me, Please Look at All of Me! #42

Last week I had my regular three month dermatology full body check at the Indian Hospital in Phoenix. Always a treat. My dermatologist is leaving. No great loss. I liked the guy, very friendly and talkative but not very thorough. I think I mentioned before he avoids my private areas. What I don't want is a shy doctor! And it's hard to understand how the man got through med school being shy. So he didn't want to be a gynecologist, but surely he knew we have skin under our underwear. He really skimmed my body this time. I'm looking forward to the new guy because I'm going to set the record on what I expect on the very first visit. All of me, why not look at all of me?

There are things to save money on and then there are things...

Total blonde early on
Take for instance, hair. I've colored my hair since I was fifteen years old. There was a brief period in my early twenties I let it grow, au naturale, down to the middle of my back. Wore it straight for a while and then permed it. That only lasted a couple of years when I started having it foiled.

So last week, with my son's wedding only three weeks away, I decided to do my own hair. I didn't try the streaking thing - went for the all over color. It's okay. Not sure how many times I can do it without losing the multi-colors. For now it's not bad. Then I decided I'd cut it. I trimmed a bit on the different layers. Not liking it so much. If I didn't care if it shortened, I'd really go for it and whack away - it's only hair. But with the wedding coming up and wedding pictures? I think I'll have to get a real trim this week. I certainly can't go to Ulta in Phoenix anymore, so wish me luck finding someone to trim it at a reasonable cost who knows what they're doing.
My real color back when...

Meanwhile, my son's wedding is getting so close! When I went to Phoenix for my dermatology appointment, I shopped for a dress with mom and sister in tow. They know their way around Arrowhead Mall like their own homes. At Dillards, I found a long, rust colored sheath with great texture - simple and not too dressy. I managed to stay under $120 which I thought was fantastic. But it's sleeveless. Heber, AZ will be cooler, plus I'm not cool with exposing  my aging arms except in the garden. Ah, vanity. I couldn't find a shrug at a decent price. Paying more than half of what the dress cost seemed stupid. But a few days later, I scoured Prescott for something more reasonably priced. After five stores, I ended up at a store I hate - Ross. But I found a shrug so ridiculously cheap that I won't even tell you. It's black. Black and rust are not really "my" colors but hopefully I can pull them off - if I get a decent hair cut!

And a bit of writing news - I have an agent!!  Now someone can do the shopping for a publisher for my latest novel, The Art of Love and Murder. I want to try a bigger publisher this time and only an agent can get in those doors. She's in New York and been in the business a long time. I'm pretty psyched about this.


  1. Try beauty school for a haircut, Flag or closer??? Cheap to free and can't be worse than self cut?? Your dress sounds great, can't wait to see pix!!! Hate breaking in new Drs, but in this case you sound ready :)

    1. Hi Nancy. There is a beauty school in Prescott. Might consider it. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Good call on the beauty school, Nancy. Go for it Brenda! She's right about it not being any worse than a self-cut. Love the second picture! Doesn't look like the you I know. And it had to have been taken in the 80's. Glad to hear on all sides of the Doc news and I can't wait to see pics of you and the wedding, too.