Monday, February 18, 2013

Authors Are Jugglers

I don't know any authors who, when they decided to become writers, dropped everything else in their lives to follow the dream. Most of us work full time jobs, have children, usually a husband and continue with other commitments. In order to write, we juggle it all in the middle of our own life circus. While driving kids to baseball practice or shuttling grandkids around, we have characters in our heads plotting the next scene. Part of our mind is on the phone call we take at work, while the rest of our head is visualizing our hero's eyes and accent.The second book I published was written almost entirely in fifteen minute segments before work and on my half hour lunch break.

When my day job went away and my husband retired, we moved to the Arizona prairie. Although I no longer punch a clock, I'm still juggling. The big difference now is I can call my own time - most of the time.

All that juggling for years while I worked, was good training for a different type of juggling this year: two blog posts a week, sporadic guest posts, writing the second book of my mystery/suspense series and writing a novella. I also have the third book in my mystery/suspense series started. That may get my attention occasionally. Normally, only one of the books gets my attention in any day, but there are days I'm working on two posts and a book.

At any given time, farm news, writing thoughts, book promo, Phoebe and Mason making love or finding murder victims, Amanda writing letters and possibly an Austrian cop that resembles 007 are passing from my right hand to my left hand to floating around in my head and starting the cycle all over again.

Many authors have several projects going at a time so I'm not unique. Until recently, I didn't think I could do it. Now I find it's rather addictive. At some point, one of my juggled items will be free to fly away on its own, but there's always another to take its place.

Working titles of what I'm juggling:
The Love and Murder Series, Book Two: Southwest of Love and Murder
The Love and Murder Series, Book Three: A Legacy of Love and Murder
Tortuga Thursday (farm happenings blog)
Muse Monday (writing thoughts blog)
Amanda in the Summer (a novella)

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  1. You are so right. I always imagine myself spinning plates on those bendy poles. You have to keep dashing up and down the line giving little tweaks to save them from falling.
    What surprises me is I'm retired now and I STILL don't have any time!

    1. I know the feeling, Jenny. I don't go to a day job anymore and I write more but it never seems enough because I'm so busy.

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