Monday, April 29, 2013

Novel Research is Great Fun

My current work in progress is set in the ranching area around Chino Valley, Arizona. Chino proper is eight miles south of where we have our little family farm, Tortuga Flats. My hubby and I hopped on the motorcycle and explored the golden grasslands and juniper tree habitat where my hero, Mason Meadowlark, ranches. Kind of nice to be so close to my novel's setting for research. I thought I'd share our motorcycle tour with you.

Once we broke the confines of Chino Valley, we took Williamson Valley Road until the pavement ended. I'll be out of town and off line when this post goes live. If you want to comment, I'll be sure to see your comment but a few days late. Hope you enjoy the tour!

(1) Leaving Chino Valley
(2) The wide open spaces

(3) Large homes dot the prairie

(4) Foliage grows heavier
(5) Now we enter ranching territory

(6) More ranching

(7) And more ranching

(8) Land changes

(9) Ranching gives way to farming
(10) Pavement  ends
(11) Choices where the pavement ends           

The guy I sit behind!

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