Monday, May 18, 2015

Writing a Book Is Like a Roadtrip

Starting a new book is like getting ready for a road trip. In the beginning, I'm excited about the destination and don't do much except THINK about where I'm headed and what I'll need along the way. Then I go into my helter-skelter mode. I might pull some clothes out of the closet. Get the oil changed in the car. Print off a few pages of sites to see. Discard some of the clothes and pull out some more. Wash the car. Run to the store for car snacks. Put some of the clothes in the suitcase. But in the end, I get it together and head out the door. The real fun begins.

I'm in the helter-skelter mode for book four of my Love and Murder Series. I made some random notes about plot. The main characters have a file and their back story and character traits are partially filled in. The basic outline formed up one day. Then I jumped back to character files. Chapter one is roughed out. Then the outline got beefed up a little. Research is underway for the setting. And now it's time to actually get on the writing road. It's like an adventure and yes, the real fun begins.

But just like that road trip when I'll buy more snacks along the way, maybe change the route a time or two, the story will require extra research or acquire new twists as I reach the destination: the end.

Book One: The Art of Love and Murder
available everywhere in print or eBook

Book Two: Southwest of Love and Murder/available everywhere in print or eBook

Book Three: A Legacy of Love and Murder
On my editors desk

Book Four: helter-skelter mode

Book Five: in THINK mode

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