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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tortuga, Tucson, and $$ Tips

Tortuga Thursday 
In 2012, on the plains of Northern Arizona, two families joined forces and began the trials and tribulations of building a small family farm with nothing in the bank but love

A stop on the Sabino Canyon tour
Taking time to post for Tortuga Thursday has been difficult. Plus, I've discovered while in pain, I'm not much good at writing. Yep, the back is still a problem. I hoped the three days of relaxation I would be forced into when we went to Tucson would do it. No such luck. I've got an appointment at the Indian Medical Center tomorrow.

However, the time in Tucson - a gift from Lance and Christie for my birthday - was fantastic. Here's one of those living on the cheap tips: resorts in the off season can be had for a third of their normal fees.

On the resort grounds
While in Tucson, we took the tram through the Sabino Canyon. We
On the resort grounds
got the senior discount. We didn't do any hiking because of my back, but can't wait to return when I'm healthy. What a gorgeous place.

On the farm, we have soy beans, okra, crookneck yellow squash, tomatoes, onions, and zucchini harvested every day. Soy beans have about a 3-day period when they have to come off the plant. I hit it right this year. They taste wonderful.

Purple okra in a basket of soy beans
We are officially done with the farmers' markets. Although we have
Purple okra bloom
some product left, we're not vending anymore. We'll keep it and use for ourselves or give at Christmas. I'm rather happy to be done with the market which tied up every weekend for us.

One sad note, we had to euthanize Rusty. One day he was fine and the next he couldn't stand on his own. We miss him horribly. He was my other son and my baby. He was Frank's fishing buddy and best friend. We're thankful we had him for the past eleven years. He enriched our lives as only a good doggie can. 

Barrel cactus in bloom in Tucson


  1. Tucson looks beautiful and so do your vegetables. I've never been to Arizona, but would love to go some day. Good luck with your new release. It looks like you have some wonderful reviews for your other books.

    1. Thanks, Maria. Nice to hear. And there are some great things to see in AZ. Hope you get our way someday.

  2. It has been years since I've been to Tucson. After a few years living here in Alaska the heat would probably kill me. :) So sorry about your doggie, Rusty. Hugs.

    1. Ha, Angelina. I'm sure the heat would get you. It got me. I want to go back to Sabino Canyon but wait for cooler weather.

  3. Condolences on Rusty's passing.

  4. So,so sorry about Rusty. But thanks for sharing your pictures. I love to look at what you post!

  5. Aww. So sorry about your doggie. Tough to lose a good friend. Hope your back feels better soon.