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Saturday, March 5, 2016

#99c #AmazonKindle #FridayFiction A Special for Series Book One

Happy Saturday. I don't normally post on Saturday, but with an upcoming series book to be released and one of the series on sale, I had to spread the good news.

The Art of Love and Murder is the first book in the series and the eBook version is an Amazon Encore exclusive. Amazon dropped the price yesterday from $3.99 to $.99. This is a limited time offer so if you haven't read it, what a great time to add it to your reader. This is the story of Lacy Dahl who is searching out information on her birth parents. What she finds is secrets, threats, and murder that will have you turning the pages.

Amazon Buy Link

Each book in the series can stand on its own and if you read out of sequence, you won't be lost. BUT books one and three are more closely tied together. Lacy is searching for more about her father. In A Legacy of Love and Murder, she and her daughter August travel to Austria to do just that. This is August's book and not only does she meet an Austrian James Bond, but she's tangling with Neo-Nazis. It's dangerous and could be the death of both her and her mother.

A Legacy of Love and Murder releases worldwide on March 30th. You can order the paperback version right now, but if you're an eBook reader that date will be your first chance.

Paperback Buy Link

That's the big news. But don't forget about book two, Southwest of Love and Murder. Phoebe is Lacy's best friend and a murder-mystery writer. Someone is bringing her books to life!

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