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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What's a Woman To Do...When He's Wicked by Laura Strickland

It's all about wicked. Please welcome my guest, Laura Strickland...

Oh, these heroines in the Romance Novels we love to read! Is there any hope for them? They persist in making bad choices—walking down dark streets alone when there’s a madman on the loose, daring to help strangers in need and worst of all venturing into that dark basement. They dress up as boys and go into battle; they hide messages in their hoop skirts and act as spies. And the men they choose! Don’t they have any common sense?

I think one of the things we love about reading (and writing) is that heroines often take chances we might not in real life, and via the written word we can make the perilous, frequently scandalous journey right along with them. Sure, we might eye the buff stud at the gym while he’s working out but would we really agree to a one-night stand with him if offered the chance? Probably not, though if a favorite heroine does, we get to go along for the adventure.

But how about those truly wicked leading men…you know the ones I mean. The dissolute Edwardian rake who spends his ancestral fortunes like water and beds a different heiress every night. The Norman warrior who has his way with the Saxon maiden he captures, and makes sure she enjoys it. The dangerous pirate with the charming smile. And oh, those Highland renegades…
Some leading ladies just can’t resist. Pity the poor heroine of my Highlander Romance, His Wicked Highland Ways. All her life Jeannie Robertson has been dutiful and level-headed. She kept her father’s household in lowland Dumfries together against impossible odds and now, when her back’s to the wall, she’s still fighting for survival. Then she gets a look at her new landlord, Finnan MacAllister—the laird of the glen: over six foot of scarred and tattooed, well-muscled warrior and thoroughly wicked. What’s a woman to do?
Aren’t we glad we need only pick up the book and read, to find out? Here’s wishing you happy and enjoyably wicked reading!


  1. Brenda, This was such a fun post for me! Thanks for hosting me today!

  2. Love the post! You are so right about wickedness levels. I like to think I'd take a chance, but the reality? Not so sure. Of course, there is that handsome silver fox who comes into the library...hmmm.

    1. Hmm, Ashantay Peters, now you've got me interested. I'm sure there's a steamy romance awaiting you in the library!

  3. Hi Laura, Excellent post! I would also like to take more chances. In the meantime, I'll live vicariously through bolder heroines. :)

  4. My heroine always does what I wouldn't have the courage to do! Great post.

  5. Great post. I truly enjoyed it. Tweeted. Good luck.

  6. Love those heroes! I think they're the men we would secretly want. Great post!