Thursday, July 21, 2016

THE SOLUTION? GO TRIPPIN' #staycool #livingcheap

In everything there is a season, and a time to every our latest season, with only a vague plan and a touch of creativity, we're off on another adventure. Half of this twosome is retired; my half will probably never know what that means. I promise to share.
Dress cool and drink lots of water
Hot town! You betcha. While most of the nation is searing under the summer sun, I feel like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz, "I'm meeeellllting." But it's not because I'm getting doused with cold water. Tonto Basin, AZ is just as hot as the rest of country.
We're normally in Paulden this time of year, but as you probably know, we sold the farm. Not that it's
And more water.
a lot cooler there, but the house had an AC unit that could keep us cool. The bills would've been anything but cool. Which is the problem we're facing here. This RV wasn't meant to live in with the high temps. The AC runs round the clock and can't get below 85 degrees. So...we used some funds from the sell and got a portable cooler. We didn't want to spend TOO much, and guess what - we got a big expensive fan. Shipped it back to Amazon the next day. Not sure we'll try another. I know the cost will be more.

Keep cool anyway you can
What to do to enjoy the summer under such hot conditions, and how to do it cheaply? That's the trip! Our RV park has a clubhouse with WiFi. Around 10:30, we shut the RV AC way back and head to the clubhouse. It's comfy and cool.

We both go on the errands into town and enjoy the car AC. The gas is cheaper than running the AC at the RV. We keep the blinds down and fans running to maximize the AC in the RV. Normally a room temp water drinker, I keep a big glass of iced water by my
RV site looks cooler than it is
side all day. Our walks have to happen in the morning before 8:00.

And we get out of town!

Last week, we went to Prescott and spent a few days with my mom. Although they're having warmer temps, it's dry and under 100 which is better than Tonto Basin.

I'm taking my mom to Laughlin on Sunday for a few days. Yep, it's hotter in Laughlin than here, but the casinos are actually cold. I got a deal at the Colorado Belle for two nights for $42 that includes 2 breakfast buffets, 2 morning rolls with 2 coffees, and two big brews. A deal!

Go trippin' - find water and clouds
In August, hubby and I will drive to Colorado to stay with the son's family for a few cooler days. It's a little hotter there than normal because of this heat wave, but maybe by then it will be back to normal. AC in the car and cool Colorado mountains. I'm good with that.

What are you doing to stay cool? Do you have some cool trips planned to escape the summer doldrums? Are you trippin'?


  1. Good Morning Brenda. As the old folks in my hometown used to ask: Hot enough for ya? My answer: More than hot enough and please don't ask me that again. I do remember our RV days when the heat came down, dragging a load of humidity with it. Too hot both indoors and out. I'd find some shade and spritz myself with water from an old Windex bottle. I semi-convinced myself that worked. But then it would be time to feed people and all cool-down strategies went kaput. I'd simply sweat and tell myself I must be losing weight. Now we live in New York City, a summer hot box for sure. Our grandson is with us this week. The heat wave let up a bit for a couple of days which Jonathan took off to be Grandpa. He and Julian went to Coney Island and took advantage of the ocean breeze. Then they ran over a liquor bottle and slashed a truck tire so they spent time at Costco Tire Center too. Now the heat wave's back and I do my Grandma thing today. My solution: an icy AC movie theater. I don't even care what's playing. Since Julian's 13, it will probably be something with lots of special effects and chase scenes and combat sequences. Let's hope there are some guys in tights for Grandma too. Keep cool. Alice

    1. Oh Alice, guys in tights. Yes, I hope so. LOL Happily, my husband does 90% of the cooking. He uses the grill and the outside stove. Hot out there but helps in here.

  2. As a former California gal, I've never got used to the humidity here in Wisconsin. It's been over 90 with a heat index of over 100. I try to stay cool inside with the AC and fans going. A trusty water bottle at my side and my computer in front of me.

    1. Sounds like you're doing all you can do, Ilona. Amazing how the humidity drags you down.

  3. Funny how the heat just slows us down. I love hearing in the winter that “it’s too cold,” and in the summer that “it’s too hot.” That’s my favorite thing to keep cool when it’s so hot; I just try to amuse myself. It’s amazing how many times you’ll hear that in a day! Well, try to keep it cool!

    Tommy Hopkins @ AccuTemp