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Thursday, December 8, 2016

YAY FOR DECEMBER #thrifty #holiday #gifts

35 year-old Christmas angel preserved

All the packages are wrapped, tagged, and ready for Solstice and Christmas. We do both. We started the Solstice celebration the first year on the farm, b.s. (before Sadi). We love our tradition and have continued, in spite of leaving the farm life behind. It’s great fun, and it helps solve trying to fit in a visit to everyone on Christmas. We take a little bit from a couple of cultures for our own brand of Solstice. More about that after Solstice. 

I found some great deals for gift giving. Everyone says this time of year is not about the gifts…but it sure makes it fun if I can give. Honestly, wouldn’t care if I got but I do love to give. Thanks, Mom, for instilling this in me. Part of the fun is shopping for just the right gift on limited
Another Christmas relic
funds. I’m not kidding. Here are a few of my ideas.

*For the child in your life, Kohl’s has the stuffed animal or character with a book to match, each for $5.00. They are excellent quality, and how can you beat that price?? 

Sadi makes it fun
*Another idea for the little ones is a lunch box filled with trinkets. I found cloth lunch pails with children’s movie themes. For a little girl, I filled it with hair ties, hair clips, lip gloss, little girl nail polish, and chocolates. The whole thing came to under $10. 

*If you have a classy Humane Society Thrift Store (or another one), don’t rule it out for gifts. There are new items, or, like I found, a gently used item for a cook in my family. A set of three high end tiny melting pots that looked new were only $20. 

*Photos are another great gift idea. I have copies of photos in all sizes made at Costco for next to nothing. My favorite frame store is Hobby Lobby. Their prices are the best I’ve found. Kohl’s can be good too if they’re on sale. 

Happy shopping! 

Or…you can be like my mom and come back from Laughlin with $800 in your pocket from winning at video poker. Her gift budget went up! Her three children took her to Laughlin for her 86th birthday. Mom loves the poker slots. All of her grandchildren gave her money to gamble on, and she scored. She brought home all the money she went with plus $800. Her three children did not fare so well.


  1. Great gift ideas! I know just which little one that stuffed toy/book can go to. And I love the story of your Mother's touch at video poker!

  2. Hi, Brenda! This year, I embroidered aprons I found at Joann's for $5.00. I transferred Christmas sayings and added large rickrack. Lots of fun to make and surprise them.

    1. What a great idea, Vicki, and a great gift. I used to get crafty, but don't take the time anymore. I did make one bird feeder from glass pieces I found at places like Goodwill. I should've added that to my post!

  3. Thanks for the ideas, Brenda. I'm a big fan of bird feeders...for all ages to enjoy. Hummingbirds...amazing creatures!

    1. Rolynn, sorry for my delayed reply. I've been on the road. Thanks for coming by!

  4. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing, Brenda :)

    1. Thanks for coming by, Joanne. I've been on the road and off line so my reply is tardy!