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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Wildlife Meets Wild Life

Kiss is coming to Laughlin


The RV Life
Wild Saturday, wild life, and wildlife. April started off with Wild Saturday. The Happy Hour Gang pool the spoils of the hunt, and the Williams host this feast every year at the RV Ranch. This year we had dove, quail, and elk. Last year,
FDW caught an 8.5 lb striper
they talked Frank into keeping some fish leading up to Wild Saturday, but they weren't successful this year. I made some wild beans and bacon.

This last week, we spent a few days in Laughlin, Nevada. A few years ago, back in the farm days, we would go

Clowning on the River Walk

several times a year. One of the casinos started sending us free nights. We still get them and try to make use as often as possible...that is when it's good fishing weather. We go on the cheap with free rooms, take our breakfasts and lunches in a cooler, tote a small coffee pot with us, and use coupons for dinners at various casinos. During the day, Frank fishes and I write. This trip, the wild life and wildlife were an added benefit. Sharing pictures!

Thumbs up coming in to Laughlin
Another gesture leaving Laughlin


  1. These pictures just make me want an RV even more! Looks like so much fun!

    1. Hi Leslie, although we've gone to Laughlin in the RV plenty of times, we did the hotel this time. There's a great RV site at the AVI.

  2. Modern thrift: eating fresh-caught food and casino coupons. Yup, it's the new 'living off the fat of the land/casinos.' Love it! (If you don't indulge in gambling, it's really a bargain!)

    1. Oh we indulge a little. Frank saves from somewhere and hands me a few bucks. Just enough. I'm not big into gambling, Rolynn.