Thursday, July 6, 2017

Dirty, Hot...

Got your attention, huh? Dirty and hot describes the Ranch right now, so it's not the best place to be.

The current mess
We rent a spot year round on the Ranch for the RV. If we don't, we'd lose it, and it's where we like to be in the winter. It's going to be even better, once our spot is expanded. The owners of the Lazy
JR Ranch decided to not rent the spot located next to us anymore in order to make our spot larger. We're thrilled with the new space, but not with the mess. We thought the electric would be moved and the cement poured while we were doing a two week jaunt to Prescott and Wickenburg. Came back to check and were greeted with a mess. My guess is, it will be another month before I can move the bird feeder and bath, and plant some greenery.

FDW w/ Sadi in the valley
It's a stretch to call this the RV Life right now. I just may have to rename, yet again, this Thursday blog. For several reasons, the RV won't get off the Ranch this summer. Instead, we're taking local trips in the car without the boat. Prescott, Wickenburg, and the Mogollon Rim have been destinations
Swimming lesson in the valley
of late.

Once in a while we might venture onto the highway in the truck with the boat in tow. The thing about summer in Arizona is it's almost too hot to fish, in the daytime anyway. If FDW does feel like doing some evening fishing, we'll venture back to the Ranch, and he'll go to Apache or Roosevelt Lake in the evening.

With FDW in Prescott
So, it's time to head for Laughlin for a few days. Laughlin is
My artsy shot of Sadi and Daddy dancing
badass hot this time of year, but the casinos and rooms are chilled. And since we have free rooms coming for the rest of the summer, we'll be staying there off and on.

By the way, I'll be here and there for some book signings over the next few weeks. Check out my web site for the locations.  And I'll be at some events on line too. There are prizes to be won at these on line events. Christmas in July is a great one. My day is the 10th, but there are opportunities every day. July 12 to the 16 is a Heatwave Party, and again, lots of prizes to win. Hope you stop by. The links are above and to your right as you read this. Just click on the pictures. Stay cool!


  1. Sounds like a busy but fun summer, Brenda. Stay cool and good luck with the new 'space'!

    1. Thanks, Barbara. Enjoy your summer, too, Barbara.

  2. How did you get free rooms at the casino? Sounds like a deal (ha! a pun!) to me.

    1. I can only guess because FDW and I went a couple of times and paid for a room. That was about 5 years ago, JL. We get a flyer in the mail or email every 3 months for free or deals. This time, we have 3 nights free for each month in July, Aug, Sept, and Oct. Actually, twice in Aug, Sept, Oct.