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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Triple #Wicked and #Sexy #Romance


I'm more than excited about the wicked characters I have in my soon to be released The Deep Well of Love and Murder, book five (and the final book) in my Love and Murder Series. Wicked men this time, but they don't totally steal the show. There's plenty of sexy romance.

But back to bad guys. Do you think imperfect humans can accidentally fall into a life that marks them as villains? In this final book of the series, there are three villains who are totally different from each other. Were they doomed from birth or just unlucky in life and made the wrong choices? Every interesting villain isn't totally bad. They have to have some redeeming qualities to be believable and interesting.

Clark Katz first appeared in book one, The Art of Love and Murder. He was married to Laura Katz. He was also a lazy, cheating husband who toyed with thievery. Spoiled by his mother and grandmother, he turned out to be a worthless adult. Now, several years later, in The Deep Well of Love and Murder, he's Laura's ex and a paroled criminal. He's dangerous and causes Laura a world of hurt. How far will he go to get Laura back?

Clark ripped the tape, and the skin around her mouth burned. When he leaned close, their noses nearly touching, she pulled her head back, escaping the worst of his hot, stale breath. This wasn’t the Clark she’d met so many years ago. That young man had always smelled of the watermelon candy he loved.

Villain number two is Charles Farley. He's a rather pathetic man. As a gambling addict with a big debt to some unsavory characters, he's looking to make a quick buck. When he joins forces with my number one villain, he does the unspeakable. Spoiled by his mother and at odds with his father, he still acts like the rotten child he was even though he's past forty. How far will he go to get the money to pay off his debt?

“You promised me a bonus.” Farley squinched his face like a grade school brat. “Up front.”

“I promised you a small commission prior to full funding for the project, if you managed to get him to sign on the dotted line.” He wanted to take the clueless idiot and shake him by the shoulders.

Farley downed the rest of the whiskey and peeked into the glass as if more would appear.
“What’s the last between you and your father?”

“I slugged him.” He slid his gaze to Brad, a glassy look in his eyes. “I slugged my old man.” He flopped on the end of the bed, his chin practically touching his chest, the empty glass falling from his hand.

Brad’s mouth fell open, and he gawked at the whiny bastard. His old man had twenty-five years on him, and probably had thirty pounds and more muscle than his son ever had. The old rancher could’ve knocked the shit out of his kid.

“How did that work out for you, Charles?”

And last, but certainly not least, is Brad Markham the too slick city developer from Las Vegas, Nevada. He's really in over his head with a mob financial backer. There are ranchers who stand in his way. His wife has left him and his partner is close to a breakdown. How much can his weak character take? What will he do to save his marriage, his project, and his financial status?

Brad’s hands trembled. The air in the room thinned. Deflecting blame on Charles or not, he suspected the detective still had suspicions about his involvement. What the hell was he going to do? The whole deal fell solidly on his shoulders, with no one—no one—on his side.

His wife wouldn’t support him. Charles was a bumbling fool only interested in his own gain. His partner could do nothing but complain. Manzetti threatened. Investors were pulling up stakes.

Now a damned, small town, idiot detective was sniffing at him. This had to stop. This deal had to come together.

If it didn’t, nothing else mattered.

Yes, there are villains, but as always, this Love and Murder book has plenty of sexy romance, too! I hope I've wet your appetite for some wicked fun. I'll be announcing the release date soon...I hope!

Meanwhile, here's a teaser for the book and the full length video to come.

And if you haven't yet read the first four books in the series, you can find them as well as all of my books, on my Amazon Page. Click HERE


  1. Looks like a great trio of villains! Book sounds great. All the best.

    1. Thanks, Cat. I appreciate you stopping by.

  2. Intriguing premise. Best of luck, Brenda :)