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My Unusual Deities By Amara Dey #paranormal #MuseMonday

Join me in welcoming Amara Dey to Muse Monday on Discover... She's a brand new author with a great imagination and fun stories to tell!

From a young age, I have been captivated by the ancient gods and love reading about them and their magical adventures.  When I began writing novels, I found myself inspired by the deities that enchanted me since childhood. 

In my debut book, NO MERE MORTAL, I based my characters on an uncommon pantheon of deities called the Orishas. They are the Gods of Latin America. Very like the Greek/Roman/Norse versions in their magical abilities, but more exotic. I also feature them as brothers-in-arms to my fictional pantheon, the Decagons.  

As a nod to my ethnic background and to my Cuban friend, Jovi, who first told me the stories of the Orishas. ( 


NO MERE MORTAL – Decagon Book 1

Venus Myles, orphaned at birth, is a London-based dance teacher and unaware of her divine lineage – that is until a strange encounter thrusts her into a world of Gods and magic. 

She learns from Bolt, a disgraced deity from the planet Decagon, that she is his realm’s savior, and a passionate connection sizzles between them.  But when Bolt unexpectedly disappears, a determined Venus travels to Decagon to find him and learn more about her destiny. 

Assuming, of course, she can escape the powerful and deadly witch Ansa, who wants her dead, find Bolt, and tap into her dormant magical abilities.  

And do it in time to stop an apocalypse that will destroy her, Bolt, his world, and his kind. 


Power tasted good and Venus realized, without doubt, she wanted magical abilities too. She’d revisit the issue with Bolt who, at the moment, chanted a spell which body-bagged the putrid corpse. Venus rushed to Bolt.

He pulled her close, then leaned back. “Any injuries? Show me where and I’ll kiss them better.”

Venus pointed to her knee poking through her torn Lycra pants. Bolt kissed his finger, touched the cuts, and they vanished.

“I thought you meant kiss it better in the metaphorical sense,” she said.

“I’d never speak figuratively about kissing you.” Bolt hugged her tight once more.

“I couldn’t believe Zaru dented your armor,” Venus said, after a few moments of enjoying Bolt’s hugs.

“Me neither until the blood pounded in my ears, and my lungs burned from lack of oxygen. The room spun and faded. Sounds grew dull. Blackness rushed up then shazam, I recovered. The Mirror worked its sorcery?”

Venus gazed at him and nodded. “Laser beam. Zaru scared me Bolt, I thought he’d take off your head.”

“Not with you around to stop him,” Bolt said. “You kept hold of the Mirror when my thunderbolt struck. A feat on its own. I believe a molecule of magic is inside you, young lady.”

“I’m ready to embrace it if it’s there.”

Bolt’s lips brushed her hair. “It pleases me this unpleasant fight hasn’t turned you off it.”

“The opposite, your Power, and Mum’s, combat evil, and I want to play a part.” 

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Amara Dey, for magic, danger, and everlasting love 

Born in Guyana, South America, Amara Dey lives in London, England, where she writes paranormal romance for Extasy Books. (   

Her stories reflect her mixed ethnic background, her fascination with magic and adventure, and her love of dance. Like her characters, Amara dances Salsa. 

She holds an Honours Degree in Business Studies and has worked in finance, law, and law enforcement over the years. ( 

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