Saturday, February 5, 2022

2021 Reviewers Choice Awards

Imagine my surprise when I went to the Paranormal Romance Guild to vote for a book I like and found one of my books there! Mystery on Spirit Mountain has been nominated for a book award and a series award. It's one of those voting contests, so I'd love to have you drop in and vote for my book. You might encounter other books you've read and want to vote for too.

And no, Mystery on Spirit Mountain is not a traditional paranormal, but the story does have mystical undertones.

The past never sleeps. The truth never dies. 

Only Harlan MacKenzie can sense the troubled history of the Big Purple House. When he’s hired to restore the historical mansion, he doesn’t foresee the secrets—secrets that entangle his family in deceit and murder.


Phaedra is selling the house that has been in her family for decades. As her friends-to-lovers relationship with Harlan escalates, she puts her values on the line and chances losing him.


After a stranger comes to town, weaving her web of deception, hell-bent on correcting an old grievance connected to the house, dark revelations of the past implode the present. Harlan and Phaedra are thrown on a dangerous path, not only risking love but possibly their lives.

Voting ends on 2/12. Thanks so much!

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