Friday, April 19, 2024

Life's Adventures

I seem to be on an extended adventure right now...aging. 

As much as I attempt to not name getting older as the culprit for a host of things, I also can't ignore certain facts. I might write fiction, but I'm a stickler for realism in my own life. My latest adventure in aging is apparently weight.

Taking on years has taken on pounds. I'm not talking a lot of weight, but all things are relative. For me, I am carrying around more of me than I want to see. Part of my realism in attitude is I don't expect to wear the same size I wore in my twenties or even thirties. Back then I could go up ten pounds, but take it off with hardly a blip in my normal lifestyle. Not so now.

Two months ago, I decided to count calories. And five years ago, that would've been a sure fire way to lose these eight pounds. I've lost nada. Not even an ounce. This morning I did some Googling to see what could be holding me up. I walk everyday. I have a squat routine I do every other day. And I lift light weights several times a week. I'm restricting my calories to under 1200, 1140 most days. So what the heck?

After a few articles online, the black and white truth of it is my poor sleep habits and age...neither of which I can change. I've not slept a night through in years. I've tried everything that Google and the experts recommend. And I for sure can't keep from aging. Stress can also play a part in the inability to lose weight. I do have a little, but don't we all?

I thought back to a week several years ago. My son and his someday wife came to visit for the first time. We were living in Minnesota then. That week was pure joy. I actually slept the nights through after full days of activity and just being with them...and eating at will. At the end of the week, after they left, I was sure I'd gained weight. The scales surprised me. I'd actually lost three pounds. And I didn't need to lose it back then! In my mind, it just proves that no stress, good sleep, and joy are so important to our health. Well, and age. I was twelve years younger.

The only end to this adventure is the end, so I'm not going to complain endlessly, but I'm not going quietly either. I'll accept the years but stand up, move, and find joy. If the extra eight pounds won't give in, I'll just have to take them with me.