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Monday, June 18, 2012

Ba Ba Black Sheep #33

Eight days old
Last week I watched a lamb come into the world. My neighbor, Eunice, the wonderfully generous lady I've told you about in prior blogs, called and asked if I'd ever seen a lamb born. I'd been working outside, covered in dust and sweaty, but I ran a brush through my hair, jumped in the car and sped (as fast as a bumpy dirt road allows) over to her farm. I was darn near too late. The last leg cleared the mom as I stepped up to the stall. Truthfully, birth is a miraculous thing but not so lovely to see. The absolute best part was watching that little guy get on his feet and begin feeding within an hour - all part of the miracle. I learned all sheep are born black and turn lighter as they grow. Eunice and Dave have nine lambs at the moment. One sheep had triplets and rejected one of the babies for some unknown reason. Eunice has to hand-feed the baby every four hours, twenty-four hours a day. Right now, I'm glad we raise veggies and not animals.

What goes on day to day around here reminds me of something a supervisor at a day job said years ago. She gave a pep-talk to her young staff. We were understaffed and not all tasks were clearly assigned (not my job, man!). She talked about being raised on a farm and when something needed doing, you just did it, regardless of what the task was. Things fall apart if you don't. I got it, but then I was a little older than the rest of the crew. I really get it now.

Change of topic just because. The in-laws are getting closer to becoming in-laws. Lance and Christie have announced wedding plans. With Christie living right here, I get in on the buzz of bride-to-be and mother excitement. Her parents visited from Phoenix a few weeks back. We had dinner, and they were awed by what Lance has taken on and accomplished. Me too. And we love Christie to pieces.

Looks like the first stalks of chamomile are dried. I think I'll try a homemade cup of chamomile tea. Cheers!


  1. I had no idea all lambs were born black! I used to work with a girl who bred arab horses and she brought in a photo of her latest foal - black, or possibly very dark brown - and his snow white mother. When I he must take after his father she laughed and said all horses were born black! I'd no idea it extended to sheep.
    Congratulations to Lance and Christie!

    1. And I didn't know all horses were born black. I wonder what the reason is - must be one. Mother Nature usually has a reason.

  2. As the old adage goes, you learn something new every day. I too, did not know all horses and a sheep are born black. Sounds like things are off to a good start for wedding planning and meeting with the in-laws.

    1. So true. And yes, plans are developing. She got her dress a couple of days ago!

  3. I'm not sure your neighbor is totally accurate about all horses being born black. I know I've seen my fair share of newborn baby horses (Arabs, Apps, and Paints) and not a one of them was born black. Case in point would be my 29 year old Arab gelding who I bought when he was seven months old and saw pictures of him when he was only hours old--he was a brilliant strawberry red. He's now the most beautiful barely flea-bitten grey color you'd want to see. And I baby sat an hours old lamb this spring who had been rejected by her mommy. Tink was white with red spots (she still is that color, BTW). I think this is one of those old wives' tales or you just have a neighbor pulling your leg.

    1. That's interesting. The horse story came from a commenter, but the lamb story did come from my neighbor. She has nine babies right now and they are all black. I wonder if that is common but not the rule? Thanks for joining in, Lynda!