Wednesday, June 27, 2012

$5 Movies and $300 Speeding Tickets #35

Now a break from my regular farming update. Today, I'm in a financial state of mind. I mention this because I said way back I'd share how difficult it is once you're living on a meager retirement income. You all know I'm a published author, but it takes a while to get established enough to add to the household income. No different than any other business venture. So we continue to find ways to make the money stretch.

Christie is researching coupons online. Trouble is, we eat next to no prepared, boxed or canned foods so they aren't very helpful. But she may come up with something of use.

The $5 movie at our one and only theater is one way to get out for only a little - good thing too because it probably costs more in gas to get there. But we bought the coke in a plastic cup last time and from now on, if we use the cup, our drink will be $1. Good deal. If we want popcorn or candy? Let's just say I carry a big purse.

Over the last forty-five days, we've spent a minor fortune on gas and electricity. I've always budgeted, but I had ways to get around spikes in any line item. I had wiggle room. That's gone. Having to limit unneeded outings is annoying. I gasped at our last electric bill. We haven't been all electric in over twenty years. And we're not accustomed to Arizona summers anymore. Put the two together and it's enough to give you a heart attack when you open the bill.

Another heart attack happened when Frank got his speeding ticket in the mail - $325.00!!! He's going to fight it. He remembers the day he saw the camera go off. He figured it was someone around him because he wasn't speeding. Frank doesn't speed. I can't even get him to when we're late.

We're going to have to do battle over the thermostat. Four people punching in the temp their comfortable with may be part of the problem. We've been pretty careful about the times we run the dishwasher and do laundry, so I'm fairly certain the air conditioner is the nasty culprit. We've had more days than expected over ninety degrees. And after a hot day in the garden, a cool house feels too good.

The really good thing about the prairie is the way it always cools down once the sun sinks low. Last night we sat on the patio, as we do many nights, watched the sunset and enjoyed the fresh, cool air. We romped in the yard with the dogs and didn't break a sweat. Makes the end of the day a wonderful place to be.


  1. re the speeding ticket: check that the tires on the vehicle are the size specified for that vehicle. If you have oversize tires you can be speeding and it won't show on your speedometer. My Dad got tagged that way years ago on the res between Ajo and Tucson. Fortunately it was a live officer and Dad just got a warning.

    Mary Fiore/Desert Rose

    1. Thanks, I let him know but I doubt it. Too bad it wasn't a real cop. I hate these cameras - don't trust them!

  2. Horrid thing to happen. The one 'crime' where you are guilty until proven innocent. Fight it, Honey

    1. He definitely will. I don't see how they can be accurate when there is traffic all around you. We'll see.