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Monday, June 4, 2012

His Mother Made Him Do It? #28

Man of Your Dreams Contest
Or so he had me believing. I took a couple of days away from Tortuga Flats Farm and went to the AZ Dreamin' Readers' Conference in Chandler, Arizona. So this is a brief interlude from blogging about the prairie.
JP steals the show.

Me, JP and sister, Deb
My centerpiece that Nancy won

JP, the model without his shirt, had me fooled. One of the events at the conference was a Man of Your Dreams contest. Male models are a big part of romance book covers. Who doesn't know who Fabio is? The latest favorite cover model is Jimmy Thomas who you see at the top of this blog. He was there, strutting his stuff with his entourage of fans. I'm a bit mystified by the adoration these guys receive, but hey, who am I to figure out how the female hormones surge?

So back to the shirtless cutie! We (my sister went with me to the conference) met him on Friday night at the wine reception. If the air conditioner had not broken down, I might have thought all the ladies at the reception were getting a little overly heated from the three male models working the crowd. Shirtless cutie told us he was there because his mama had convinced him to enter the contest. Boy did he know how to work a room full of women. As the weekend wore on and we saw his stuff, it was pretty evident the kid's a pro. But he was very clever and funny and ended up the winner.
Fun with fellow attendees
The book store

Nancy Dow

Meeting Nancy Dow - a Facebook friend who won one of the tickets I gave away - was a blast. Fun lady. And I also met Leslie Jones, the other winner. We had a great time visiting.

I also met some nice ladies who read. Need more of those. I took part in a speed meet - 20 tables in a hour. I was hoarse after that race. I conducted three book clubs, had some good food and lots of laughs. 

Now it's back to weeding!
Only at a romance conference
Speed meet all the attendees
Dinner time
With Nancy and author Donna Hatch

Jimmy again

Leslie Jones
Jimmy Thomas at the wine reception


  1. Brenda autographed 2 of her books for me, so enjoyed conference(and winning!), sooo enjoyed handsome models who did indeed have a way with the Ladies!!! Thanks for the great pix!!!

    1. It was fun, Nancy and glad you enjoyed yourself.

  2. Thanks for sharing the pics and the hunky men. Glad to hear you had a good time. Now, let us know what happened while you were away from home.

    1. Oh I will!! Give me a day to catch up. Actually, been so long since I elaborated on the goings on here, I have more than a few paragraphs to pine.

  3. Hmmmm, I think these guys all need to learn how to shave! Just saying.

    1. That is funny you say that. JP had the cutest dimples and he covered them with a beard. They were barely visible up close. He said he needed the beard for added manliness. I wonder how Jimmy Thomas always has the beard shadow. Do they make a razor that shaves that way?!