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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Can't Take the Credit #27

Rose bush
What's been totally uplifting in the last few weeks are all the blooms and plants popping up that we didn't plant. I've wanted to go out and spends hundreds on bushes, trees and perennials but there's not money in the budget for that. To go out in the mornings and find something new is exciting.
Miniature rose bush

I needed that because I found another spot on my arm. This kind of bloom I can do without. The good thing is I was 99% sure it wasn't melanoma again. I called the Indian Medical Center and they moved my already scheduled appointment up a week. My doctor even called me back. Every three months I have a full body check. He took a biopsy and scheduled me to come back in two weeks for the result and my full body check. I wondered, if this spot had been very suspicious would it still have taken two weeks for the results. I hope not. But the news was good - only pre-cancerous. Nothing more had to be done. I like this doctor. He's very personable but awfully shy for a doctor.Not a good thing. His full body checks skim over certain areas. He's obviously uncomfortable. But really? I've never met a doctor with this problem. I'm a little concerned about that.
Climbing rose

Some sort of desert bloom

Almost think maybe once a year I should see a civilian doctor for a thorough go-over and pay the price. I'm going to think on that one.

We've had some ups and downs with our own plantings. But I'll go into that in another blog. I've been scurrying to get my edits done on my latest book, The Art of Love and Murder, so I could get it off to a couple of agents before I take off for a few days to a conference. I'm heading out tomorrow which is why this blog is brief. This should be a fun conference since it's for readers - authors to meet, Jimmy Thomas in the flesh (he-he) and a male model contest. A few days away from the farm will be hard, though. I've gotten really accustomed to waking up here to see the progress in the garden and at the end of the day sitting on the patio to watch the sun go to bed. Maybe the male model contest will take my mind off of what I'm missing at Tortuga Flats Farm!
Snap Dragon I think
Okay-it's a weed but isn't it pretty?


  1. Glad to hear it's good news!

  2. VERY good news!!! See you in a few days, safe travels :)

  3. VERY good news!!! See you in a few days, safe travels :)

    1. Hey, Nancy. You're not an unknown anymore! See you.

  4. The flowers are beautiful and so is the weed. Is the weed flower too out of control that you have to pull it up? Or do you get to leave it here and there to enjoy?

    Have a great time at the conference!

    1. That little guy seems to be one of a kind. It's out in the orchard. I would gladly leave them if more pop up. There's no ugly leave or stem like most weeds. In the yard I only get ugly sticker patches, dandelions and this other spindly thing. Actually, there is one more in the yard that took off so fast we didn't realize it wasn't grass coming up until too late. It looks like soft clover until it get bigger. It may have to stay until next year. We need the ground cover now!

  5. Brenda - definitely snapdragons.

    And your "some kind of desert plant I think" is what we call "red hot poker" in Australia and it's permitted in the garden. Grows from bulbs. Yours looks healthier than mine.

    The best thing about gardens is the unknown pop-ups!

    Suggestion to ignore or otherwise - ideal hedge is an old world rose variety called "Rosa Chinensis Mutabilis". Don't be tempted to put them in the regular garden if you get any. After a couple of years they take over. And the flowers are so pretty too, a single-petal rose that starts deep pink, fades to a lighter pink and then to cream. But having pruned ours down to the ground for the last few years only to have them reach for the sky again in spring (September here), I pass on the friendly warning - don't put them anyplace where you'll have to care for them!

    Happy farming. We live in a small town in a rural area, so know a bit about it.

    1. Hi Monya, wow thanks for all the info. I read that there are annual snapdragons and then a perennial variety but don't remember the exact name. Love them. Had them at one house growing up. I plan to plant more. They seem very tolerant to the rough weather we have here. I will check out the old world rose. I'd like something that would climb the front fence without much care. Thanks for commenting!!