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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Emotional, Random and Scattered. #26

A random picture from a trip to Seattle.
It's random thought day. Tidbit day. This and that day. Because I'm scattered. Last week took me on an emotional roller coaster and left me like when you've been on a boat all day and you still ride the waves even after you're on solid ground. Okay, long run-on sentence. Sorry.

Jimmy Thomas

I wonder if Jimmy Thomas is as cute in person as he is on his covers (or at the top of this blog). I'll find out next week.

I wrote 'the end' today on my latest manuscript and emailed the last three chapters to my critique partners. Part of the book takes place in the  haunted Monte Vista Hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona. As soon as I get their comments, I'll polish it up an ship it out. I'm hoping this book gets me an agent. I'm really, really, really hoping.

Paulden is dry. I'm going through bottles of lotion.

Soaking in a tub is twice as important but I do it half as often. Oh wait! I do shower.

It must be some sort of law you have to have at least two dogs if you live in Paulden.

Last time I mentioned putting up wind breakers for the plants - this screen like material we would cover the chain link fence with around the garden. Lance tested the theory and it doesn't work unless the break is within a few feet of the plants. I suppose this decision has saved us some money. And I suppose only the strong will survive.

Our latest victims are three rows of leafy greens. Bugs. Nasty little boogers. More research. Now we're investing in a thousand feet of a light weight material that you cover the rows with until the plants are big enough to sustain such attacks. Still, not guaranteed. Not sure where this fits in my budget, but if we're ever going to feed ourselves we need the plants to survive. Some day, I'll go to the grocery store and have a really small tab because most everything comes out of our garden. That's the plan, Stan.


  1. Stay strong on all fronts, Brenda. I want to know if Jimmy is Chance? Mmm. My fingers are crossed on landing the agent.

    1. No, Jimmy is not Chance. But funny story. I had this book in my head when my web mistress designed my web site. When I saw the two people at the top, I was a bit amazed as they resembled the two characters I imagined for the book!

  2. I can answer your question about Jimmy Thomas: Yes, he is. In fact, he's better in person. :-)

    Good luck with the book.

    As to the dry skin, try oil, almond, grape seed, coconut.

    I've lost more plants to bugs. Grrrrr.

    1. Then I can't wait to see him in the flesh! thanks!

  3. Polish that baby till it shines, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!