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Monday, May 7, 2012

Weeds Are Ground Cover Too! #24

This is like the year of new beginnings, at least for many people close to me. This series of blogs started with the four people in our house starting a new beginning, an experiment in changes. We've not only taken on a new lifestyle, but we've each had other new starts. Christie started a new job, Lance is in a new band, Frank started retirement and I'm just adjusting to it all while I try to finish one book and start a new one.

My sister turned sixty and is getting married in two weeks. Talk about new beginnings! My mom may move - she's still fighting it, but is due for a new start - even at her age.

As our fledgling farm is blooming, we've watched not all new beginnings succeed. Makes you kind of think, and I'm hoping the human efforts don't fall into similar pitfalls. The peach and apricot trees bloomed early then we had some cold weather. They don't appear to be fruiting. Bummer. Of the twenty suckers and shoots I planted, five will definitely not make it. But I'm excited about the fifteen.

Frank finally got all the grass seed planted. We had a three week delay on getting the backyard in because the nursery ran out of seed. The joys of being in a small town. With all the watering, the weeds are going crazy. I've been far too busy getting my chapters and synopsis ready to send to agents to be out there weeding everyday. I'm worried they will be so thick the grass won't grow. Frank is not a weeder. Remember, he's the guy that doesn't play in the dirt. I simply have to take some time to do some weeding everyday. He figures they cover the ground so what the hey. The dogs are not real happy being walked out to the pen and contained every time they need to go out. And we don't have a lawnmower yet. After the tax man cometh, we need to find a deal on one.

There are still $1.00 tacos and $1.50 beer! Yea! Gave my bookmark to the waitress at Doreen's and she was gushy. Asked if I had any. So now we have to go for $1.00 tacos again on Wednesday. Fair trade.


  1. Brenda,
    I love this post!

  2. Sorry to hear about the few losses in fruit trees and fruit. I don't mind weeding too much. It's almost relaxing and I find I do a lot of thinking then. Don't worry too much about the dogs, it's a new change for them too. Love the story on your sister getting married - Congratulations! My fingers are crossed for you and the editors.

    1. I went out to do a half hour of weeding and spent an hour and a half. I have a huge pile and if you look at the yard, you'd never know it. Oh well. They'll be there tomorrow for me. Time to write.

  3. I just love my weeds! They'll be there tomorrow...just as you say! Best wishes with writing.

    1. Thank you, Nancy. I'll gladly send some of mine your way!