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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I'm on a self-imposed writer lock down, a week's breather from the farm. The pickling ended and before the fall harvest erupts, my husband and I headed to the Colorado River basin - he'll fish and I'll write, or at least do writerly stuff I've had to let pile up.

I'm also doing a second virtual tour for my latest release, The Art of Love and Murder, book one of my Love and Murder Series. This is the main reason for my post today: to notify you all about the tour which includes a rafflecopter giveaway. The canvas tote contains items that relate to the book. A great prize. Click on the contest tab above and you can then click on all the dates and blog locations. There are lots of ways to enter for the drawing.

Thanks and good luck!


  1. After working Farmer's Markets and the corresponding tasks that make that endeavor a success, you deserve a break. Do take a look at the scenery between your 'writerly tasks'--I am sure you know that it can be spectacular!

    1. Oh thanks, yes, I am. I get out mid morning for a walk each day. But whoa it's still hot here!