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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Aren't these wickedly pretty glass pendants?

In case you haven't heard, the Members of my Quarterly Newsletter Group, receive gifts like these pendants every month. Why? Just for being loyal readers! If you aren't a member yet, consider receiving the newsletter that shows up in your email inbox only four times a year. The purpose of the newsletter is a quick update about me, but mostly to let you know about my next book coming out and what I have in the percolator for the future. And to announce the latest winners of my
random drawing for some cute gifts. Here's what's in store this year:

January: signed copy of either The Art of Love and Murder or Southwest of Love and Murder Congrats to Tena Barnes
February: a beautiful glass pendant
March: a handcrafted bracelet from the Prescott Farmers' Market
April: eBook of my latest release, A Legacy of Love and Murder, book 3 of the series
May: a beautiful glass pendant
June: a pink and white coffee travel mug
July: a beautiful glass pendant
August: a leather fanny pack
September: a handcrafted bracelet from the Prescott Farmers' Market
October: a pink and white coffee travel mug
November: Christmas ornament
December: weekly giveaways to be announced

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Releasing Worldwide March 30, 2016, A Legacy of Love and Murder, third book in the series: Inheriting an Austrian Castle is an Alpine fairytale for August, until someone begins killing the heirs.