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Thursday, February 4, 2016



In everything there is a season, and a time to every our latest season, with only a vague plan and a touch of creativity, we're off on another adventure. Half of this twosome is retired; my half will probably never know what that means. I promise to share.
Hello from the trail
Good, cheap fun...the best kind. I've always had a line item on my budget for entertainment. But at one point, a few years ago, I had to decrease it significantly. "Entertainment" without spending much, if anything, made me stop and think about what I really enjoyed doing. The best things in life are free--hmmm--not entirely but there are a lot of free (or cheap) best things to do.

We've always been big movie goers. So when we did that reduction in
Getting off the beaten path
spending a few years back, we turned to renting movies instead of going out. Between the movie, popcorn, and a drink you could make your next house payment. Nowadays, there are plenty of options if you have computers or other forms of technological devices. Sorry, but I have a laptop and that's as far as my knowledge takes me. Once we hit the big 55, we got discounts at most movie theaters.

Friends are a great source of fun. As a kid, we went visiting a couple of times a week. All the young people would gather in a bedroom or family room and play games or listen to music. The adults would fix a meal, play cards, or just talk. We often had people just drop in, no advance notice, to visit. Through most of my adult life, that diversion has been lost
The Salt River in Tonto Basin
to some extent. We always had friends but we usually "went out" which entails spending money. These days, we're getting back to "visiting." Everyone pull up a chair around the fire and talk. Summertime, head to the patio or deck and visit with friends. Good cheap fun!

Let's go this way
Getting outside, is one of my favorite entertainments. We like to hike, or walk. It doesn't have to be a grueling climb. There is so much to explore out there, outside your own backyard. A walk

through a neighborhood might help to meet some of those people you'd like to have over for a visit on the patio. Here at the RV park, we take a short drive in any direction, park, and get out and walk...or hike. Good for the body. Good for the soul.


  1. I miss playing card games, and puzzles and board games. I wish they would come back. I can't wait until my granddaughter's get old enough to teach card games to. And I love the desert. I grew up in west Texas on the border of the Coahuila desert and I miss it. There is something so elemental about being in that kind of environment. Nice blog.

    1. We play games once in a while, mostly with family. We had friends in MN we played cards with all the time. I'm not a big card person but with the right people, it's so much fun. The desert around Tonto Basin is beautiful. I grew up in Phoenix and I really do not like that kind of barren. Thanks, Hebby!

  2. Piggybacking off Hebby's comment, I saw a club where people play board games, no alcohol served. I am waiting for good weather for more long walks.

    1. What a great idea on a board game club. I should dig around next time we're at the farm and see what ones I have left to bring to the RV park. Thanks.

  3. I miss "going visiting" too. Whatever happened to that? In keeping our expenses down we've had to cut eating out, which meant we haven't met friends out like we used to. I don't miss the food but I sure miss chatting it up. Maybe that's why so many people "visit" online these days.

    1. I think you're right about the on line attraction, Sheri. But it is a lazy can be in your pj's. Trouble is you're missing the back and forth with laughter, etc. Yep, too bad.

  4. I just realized it's been ages since I stopped in at your blog and I don't know. Hmm...I love to take walks and hikes. Being out in nature, especially around trees is my favorite place to be. :)