Sunday, September 23, 2012

Good News/Abundance-Bad News/A Flood

Christie geared to fight allergies in the garden
Harvesting continues. With lots of sneezes and wheezing. Neither Christie or I were bothered during the typical spring allergy season that plagued us in Phoenix. But August and September have been miserable if we work too long in the garden. I've started taking allergy meds again,  but Christie can't because of her motherly state. She gears up but still can't last too long. We're seeing the last of the peppers and tomatoes, yet they just keep coming! We still have potatoes and musk mellon. And some carrots. Always forget about them because they can stay in the ground for a while.

We're canning more and freezing less. The freezers are topped out. We sat on the corner out on the main street for a couple of hours a weekend ago - made a big $3. Won't do that again. We gave some of our overflow to a farmers market in Scottsdale and made considerably more. Was even sweeter because we didn't have to man the booth. Maybe next season we'll designate some of our crops just for the valley market. We've also given bags to the food shelter. They loved that.

Xena is fearless
A couple of nights ago we had a thunder storm. Not abnormal but Lance and Christie were gone so poor Gabby felt really insecure. Gabby always shakes when she hears thunder. Christie is her security during those rough times. Between her shaking and drooling, I felt sorry for her but she was inconsolable. Rusty used to pant and fret. Now he just follows me around to keep me within sight. Xena could care less. Nothing shakes Xena.

This morning I woke up to a flooded laundry room spilling over into my bathroom and kitchen. You're not going to believe me, but the washer turned itself on. Actually, I forgot to close the lid. Not usually a problem because it shuts off and sits there. And I'm sure it did because some time in the night or early morning I got up to use the bathroom, and there was no water under my feet. But at 6:00 this morning there was, and it was still running. It had to have turned on or overrode the auto shut off some time in the wee hours. What a mess. Sure hope there's no damage where it ran into the floor vent.

Lance and Christie are on the first part of their mini-honeymoon staying two nights in Laughlin. Hope their having fun - and it's not so bad having the house to ourselves either!


  1. How nice of you to share your surplus with the poor. You are such a nice person Brenda! Have you tried a thunderjacket for Gabby? It works really well for my little dog. Usually more quickly then tranquillisers. You can get them on Amazon.
    Your washing machine is clearly hoping to be featured in your next book - THE Haunted Washer

    1. Thunderjacket - I will definitely check it out. Thanks, Jenny.

  2. What a wonderful year for your first garden! I'm glad you were able to find ways to share and benefit from your bounty. As for the washing machine, major bummer. I leave my lid open all the time on my washer, but I'm guessing things are different in AZ with your water situation. Hope all is well with washer/water problem.

    1. Not sure. I've left it open before. And it wasn't running at midnight so why it came back on some time later? Ghosts?