Thursday, September 27, 2012

One Amazing Hole

Get your motor runnin'
Part of this new meagerly funded lifestyle is finding entertainment without spending too much. Motorcycling is part of our fun. Trouble is, motorcycles require upkeep like all other vehicles. We've been grounded for a couple of months because we needed a tire. I finally got the dollars, we got the tire and headed out yesterday to the Grand Canyon for lunch. Looked up the restaurant inside the south rim entrance and saw too many dollar signs so we decided we'd eat in the little village outside the entrance.

Before getting to pine country
Looking over Frank's shoulder
The drive up was gorgeous. The low 60's are cold for me to be on a bike, but with leathers and a turtle neck it was comfortable - except for my face. I forgot a scarf and wore my half helmet. The sky was full of popcorn clouds and as long they didn't pop over the sun, I was warm enough. Beautiful day. We headed north and turned east at Ashfork and north again at Williams. There are red, purple and yellow wildflowers blooming amongst the evergreens. Beautiful.

Still outside the park
Our choices for lunch were pizza, Mexican food and steak. Steak for lunch is a bit much. We'd had Mexican food ala Christie the night before. We ended up at Canyon Pizza because they had a patio. And because pizza can be cheap. We ordered a margarita pizza and sat in the sun on the patio. The bar next door had Radio Margaritaville playing. What a perfect lunchtime setting. And the pizza was phenomenal.

We walked across the street to get our pass into the park. We scored another great deal. With Frank's age status (and it is status now adays!) we paid $10 for a lifetime pass. Not only does it get us into the Grand Canyon forever but into all Federal and national parks and sites. So cool!!

Frank the photographer
Leathers kept me warm
The short drive into the park was even more beautiful. We saw a female elk and a swooping brown hawk. We stopped at the first lookout which is also the visitor center. We didn't bother with the center this time. Our purpose was to eat lunch and get a glimpse of the canyon. Although there were lots of tourists there, it was relatively slow for the canyon. We met a couple from Brazil who rented a Harley in Chicago and were on a twenty-three day ride to San Bernadino. Oughda! They invited us to come to Brazilia in July to attend a huge motorcycle rally and party. If only...

This displays the native tribes of the area
A pretty awesome hole in the ground
The ride back was warmer so my face didn't freeze. And we got home in time for another great Christie creation. All and all, a great day on a dime.


  1. Love the Canyon, Brenda. Love your pics too and you look spiffy in your leathers! :)

    1. Thanks, Calisa. So glad it's close and we'll be able to explore more of it.

  2. What an incredible lunch. This is the closest I've ever been to the Grand Canyon. Thank you!

    1. Oh, Sandra. It's amazing. If you ever get near by you should take the time for at least a peek. It's hard to even believe what you're looking at.

  3. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Glad you two were able to get away and for cheap. Frank did good on the photos. ;^) As always, love hearing about life.

    1. Oh these are my pics taken with my camera. I haven't seen Frank's yet but I'm sure they'll be mucho better.