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Monday, October 8, 2012

Gambling Skunks?

Pretty Skunks
With the farming part of our life slowing down (more on that later), Frank and I decided to get the boat in the water for the first time. He took it one day for a couple of hours to Lake Mary but the motor gave him problems. And just like our motorcycle recreation, the boat can pose financial obstacles too. But he had some money saved in his fishing account. It was earmarked to use to spend on fishing but without a boat... So we fixed the boat.

Only crazy people out in 103 degrees
With little left for fishing, we came up with a plan. Laughlin, Nevada is a little over two hours away. We could get a $20 room at Harrah's, cheap buffet meals and fish Lake Mohave. It was the middle of the afternoon before we got there, but we stopped at the lake anyway. Surprise! It's a national park so that lifetime pass we bought last week at the Grand Canyon got us in. All we had to do was buy a yearly pass for the boat at $15. That paid for itself with two trips in and out. And we caught fish. I caught the first one, and Frank caught the biggest. Thank goodness we caught some or the 103 degree temp would've been a real slam. As it was, we seemed to have the lake to ourselves. A couple of hours was all I could handle.
I caught the first fish

Frank caught the biggest
We checked in at Harrah's around 5:00. No electricity. Excuse me? Some other guests told us it had been out all day. The machines were working but not much else. They upgraded our room and told us the electricity would be on in about an hour. We left the boat and truck there, took a water taxi to another casino. That was kind of fun. $4 each.

View from our room
Every casino has players' cards. We signed up (they're free) at three casinos and for doing that we got two for one drinks at one place, 25% off the buffet at another and $5 in slot money at two of them. The buffet was at the Aquarius which is the only one I know of where your alcoholic beverages are included. Great food and cold margaritas! The next night we ate at the Edgewater, and our card got us a $4.99 buffet. It wasn't very good, but I found a couple of things I could eat.

The River Walk

A raccoon or two
For nighttime entertainment, we walked the river walk. Unfortunately, it doesn't go all the way to Harrah's. Getting back to our hotel that first night required some uphill street hiking. It was still hovering around 100 degrees. We were really thankful the electricity really was on when we got back.

Along the river walk you run into all kinds of nightlife and not all on two legs. Skunk, raccoon, ducks, rabbit and feral cats share the river walk. None of them have any fear of humans. They looked well fed. But maybe it's the music that keeps them hanging around. I wondered if the skunks were de-stinkied and put there for amusement. Probably not, but there were so many and so fat and pretty.

It was a good two night break from the farm and cheap! We steered away from gambling - mostly. I lost $20 and Frank lost $5. Not bad for three days.

The crops are about done here in Tortuga Flats and so is the canning. The freezer is full so even the peppers are going to the food bank. We left Christie to can tomatoes and apples while we were gone. I'm guessing one or two more passes through the tomatoes and that will be that. Sweet potatoes are yet to be dug up and not quite ready. The chard has come back for a second round after chopping it down.

There is still one thing to watch grow - my first grandchild. Christie's tummy gets bigger every day. It's a girl!

I'm plunking away at book two in my Love and Murder series. Haven't heard from the agent yet so no good news but no bad news. I'm enjoying writing it regardless. Patience is part of every author's life. Publishers are infamous for taking months to look at a book proposal. Just have to keep writing.


  1. Appreciate the low down on Laughlin...spending weekend before Xmas with long time friends at their hangout...the Aquarius, comped room!!:) Nice to see you taking leisure time after your bountiful summer of harvest, and now you have fish to go with it! Love those players cards, collect 'em actually, have WAY too many hehe. Thanks for the blog!!

    1. Staying at the Aquarius should be great. And cooler then!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous (and well-deserved) break. So glad you had a good time. And aren't you getting good at saving money! Well done, darling