Monday, May 26, 2014

Series - Fun to Read, Fun to Write

I'm literally in the middle of writing a series. I have five books planned for the Love and Murder Series, and I'm halfway through book three. This will be my first series but not my last. Like many readers, I really love reading series novels, but had no idea I would enjoy writing them so much.

There are several different ways to structure a series. A common way is a series of stories involving the adventures of one main character. This is used often for detective or intrigue novels as well as time travel. Another method is to use a setting and each book tells the story of different characters who make up that town or island or planet, wherever.

My books are linked by characters who know each other - kind like spinoffs - and the theme of Love and Murder. My first book which released May 2, had enough characters to spin off three more books. Lacy Dahl and Chance Meadowlark are the main force in The Art of Love and Murder. Phoebe Anderson makes an appearance as Lacy's best friend. There is mention of Chance's brother, Mason. That led to book two, Southwest of Love and Murder which is the story of Phoebe and Mason. In book three, The Legacy of Love and Murder, Lacy's daughter, August is the main character. She also played a minor role in The Art of Love and Murder. Book four will feature Penny, the hotel clerk in book one that Lacy dubbed the Black Fairy because of her Goth dress style. Penny is in a great deal of danger. For book five, we'll go back to the Meadowlark Ranch and a story that will bring Mason and Chance's father, Dirk, and his friend Margie Alcott into a mess of love and murder.

The reviews have been great for The Art of Love and Murder. I've had emails and phone calls about how much readers loved the read and they can't wait for book two. Southwest of Love and Murder is on my editor's desk now so look for it in a few months.

Meanwhile, I hope you'll get your copy of The Art of Love and Murder and get hooked and murder!

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  1. Congrats on the positive reception of book one! I love your series ideas and the way you are planning out our books. Best wishes on a successful run!

    1. Thanks, Ashantay. This planning stuff is new for me and I figure an advancement in my process. All a learning process forever.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I'm doing a series for another publisher. It's a YA suspense series. I do love reading series, because we get a better chance to know the characters.

  3. Brenda, I found with my series, characters become like family. Doing another book is like visiting old friends.

  4. A great combo Brenda - love and murder. My sort of books. And yes, I think most readers enjoy the continuity of a series. My suspense books can't be called a series because very little links them, although I find contemporary series easier to write. My Regency series drove me nuts.

    1. In the romance genre, I think it's a little harder to link books. I'm hoping my reoccurring characters and the theme of love and murder is a winner. Thanks, Vonnie.