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Monday, June 30, 2014

It's a Review Jungle Out There

Reviews are so important to an author. A few good reviews can entice readers to take a closer look at a novel and put it on their TBR list or buy right then. In recent years, reviews have become harder to get. No one knows exactly why; could be more books are published now with all the indie authors and explosion of small presses.

With the difficulty in garnering reviews, I'm pretty happy to have had five reviews so far for The Art of Love and Murder. I'm more than happy to share a snippet of each with you and their links if you're interested in reading the full review.

Long and Short Reviews 4 Stars
The book’s strength is in its characters and descriptions… The setting was a character in itself. I loved the town! The author really made it come to life, not stinting on details (but not boring the reader either)… the writing kept me turning pages and I never once thought about setting it down.

Page Princess
I give this book a Loved It rating. The Art of Love and Murder is the perfect summer read to grab while the weather is hot. Brenda Whiteside ropes you in and will have you not wanting to move from your spot until you finish every last page.

Highly recommended. The Art of Love and Murder is full of strong, believable characters and a gripping suspenseful plotline. It was really easy to visualise the events as the setting description was fantastically detailed.

Musings from an Addicted Reader
I liked this story a lot. The chemistry between the two is sizzling, another great read from Brenda Whiteside.

Zombies Inside
The Art of Love and Murder is full of strong, believable characters and a gripping suspenseful  plotline. Highly recommended for anyone who likes romance mixed with intrigue.

Now whip over to my web page for an excerpt and watch the video!


  1. Congrats on your great reviews!

  2. Wonderful reviews. Congratulations.

  3. great reviews! Wishing you tons of sales!

  4. Wonderful reviews, congratulations!

  5. I've been dismayed over the lack of reviews as well. I savor any I've received, because the ones I have are very good. I'm just trying to sell the books on their own merits.

    1. That's the name of the game, Ilona. Reviews are rare.