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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Me and the Garlic - When you're hot...

 Tortuga Thursday
In 2012, on the plains of Northern Arizona, two families joined forces and began the trials and tribulations of building a small family farm with nothing in the bank but love.
The heat has Earlier and hotter than the prior two years. It's affecting so many things including my stamina. Instead of getting some of my author business done early, I'm up and outside by 7:00. The heat is intense by 10:00.

The garlic wants out of the heat too. We're still new with garlic growing, and from everything I've read knowing when to harvest is touchy. Nine months is pretty common from planting to harvest. At seven months, it looked like the garlic was ready - at least from the top. I've been the garlic lady so far, and it was left for me to decide. I couldn't believe it could be ready. More research. Only way to tell was to dig up a couple. Yep, good to go. We started the harvest today.

Garlic has to be loosened and then brought out, not just pulled, and immediately gotten out of the sun. I didn't get around to hanging it today. Tomorrow will do. What we harvested is resting in the garage where it will be hung to cure for three to six weeks. And there's more to harvest.

Out of control dill.
The dill has all gone to flower and is out of control. I attempted to tie it away from the ceiling of the greenhouse as each plant flowered and reached ever higher. I've given up. Some of the flowers have gone to seed and finally tinges of brown are showing. Lance planted more dill outside. And as the greenhouse plants go to seed, we'll save the seeds and pull up the plants so Lance can plant more. We use massive amounts of dill for our pickling.

Last of the cucumber rows are mulched. This year we are using grass
Mulched cucumber plants
clippings which worked great on the garlic. Mulch will keep down weeds as well as maintain soil temperature. It's hard to believe those little babies will have cucumbers on
Cucumber before mulch
them in two months. And then in the jar for Pirate Pickles!

By the way, check out our Pirate Pickling web site. We had so many requests for tee shirts that we now have them for sale.

Roses in my garden that needs attention.


  1. That garlic and dill looks good! We just have a flower garden this year, because the woodland creatures were helping themselves to our veggies last year. They would take a bite and leave the rest.

    1. We've been very lucky as far as varmints. Gophers were a nuisance for awhile. One year the rabbits tried to destroy some tiny baby trees. But that's it. Since we're prairie and not woodland, we don't have so many beautiful creatures as you, Ilona.

  2. Looks good! Can't wait to try Pirate Pickles!

    1. You better remind me to bring some next time!