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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tips: Food, Money, Fun

 Tortuga Thursday 
In 2012, on the plains of Northern Arizona, two families joined forces and began the trials and tribulations of building a small family farm with nothing in the bank but love.
Playing at the winery
After weeding the garlic, Frank and I headed back to Tonto Basin for a
Lance, Sadi, Christie
few days. Caught up to date last week on Tortuga Thursday, so this week is this and that.

Food is a favorite topic on Tortuga Flats since we grow it in addition to eating it. If you check the archives for recipes you can see some of what we cook. We believe in no chemicals or pesticides and if you can't grow it that way, then try to buy it natural and organic.
**Like our Pirate Pickles - no alum for crunch. We get the crunch from our processing instead adding a chemical that comes from a metal. Even commercial manufacturers have cut back on its use but still soak the pickles in it.
**Try it raw - I grew up thinking salad was iceberg lettuce and
tomatoes. Anything raw might go in my salad now. There are many veggies we're accustomed to cooking whose leaves are great in salad like collard greens. And I love fresh herbs like cilantro or basil to top it off.
**Alternatives - Get a little healthier and try new toppings. Cinnamon is so good for you. On toast, drizzle a small amount of honey and sprinkle cinnamon as heavy as you want. On pancakes, you can do the same or top with mashed fresh fruit.

**Cell phone bill - ours was ridiculous. We supposedly had a senior discount and bundle discounts. By going on a month to month plan we cut our bill in half and have more. We went with Straight Talk but shop for what works best in your area. Frank has a simple phone with limited talk and unlimited text,. I need more so I have a smart phone with unlimited everything including Internet.
**General discounts - ASK, wherever you go. At a restaurant and don't see a special, then ask. Are you over 55 or a veteran? Then always ask if they have a discount for you at all eating establishments, hotels, movie theaters, large department stores, parks, etc.
**Long time customers - I expressed the possibility of changing our TV provider and received a discount for our long time usage. Maybe there is some service you have used for years and it's time they showed their appreciation. Or they have some special going for new customers so ask them about their valued customers!

I like old cemeteries
It's everywhere and doesn't always have to cost a month of income.
A short hike in Tonto Basin

**Memberships can save money. There's a small zoo in Prescott that has a great rate for a yearly fee. You visit three times and you've gotten your money's worth.
**Walking tours - google your area. I'll bet that there are things to see for free on foot you might not even know about. Get some exercise with your fun.
Hanging out at the winery
**Special days - some museums or other attractions have special discounted days each month. Call and find out so you can time your trip.
**Go but be frugal - we have a winery near us that is beautiful. We go
Fun at the winery
and just hang out sometimes, take a picnic lunch. If we do have wine we get one glass and make it last a long time while we enjoy our surroundings.

So get out, have fun, eat well, and make your money stretch!