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Monday, November 2, 2015


Yesterday, NaNoWriMo began - National Novel Writing Month. This is the month authors all over the U.S. aim to write a book in thirty days. And in one of the busiest months of our personal lives. I passed on this feat. Instead, I joined a very small group of authors to meet our own personal goals. Some of us have a word count to meet. I chose a page count.

With so much going on in my personal life, I'm tasking myself to finish my current novel by the end of January. I need to write three pages everyday to meet my goal. Wish me luck. This is the fourth book in my Love and Murder Series, The Power of Love and Murder. I'll share my opening few paragraphs with you:

Jianna Ricci’s thoughts were still on the unexpected afterschool meeting with her counselor when she drove onto her street headed for home. Ms. Saleg had taken a personal interest in her and had sent letters of recommendation to five top schools. One of them: Oxford. Jianna’s imagination took flight as her cell chimed a text message. She tipped her sunglasses up on her head and glanced at her phone. John, her brother.
The smile on her face turned to stone as she read the two-letter code.
A cold chill prickled her spine. GU. Go under. Her stomach swam with nausea as sweat dampened the whole of her body. She focused ahead to the middle of the block, spotted her house, and the black sedan parked in the driveway. Easing her foot off the gas, confusion added to her dismay. There had to be a mistake.
But she couldn’t risk it.

On another milestone, book three in the series, A Legacy of Love and Murder is not far from release date. Jody Vitek completed my video. This will give you a good taste of what my next release is:

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