Friday, April 22, 2016


Please welcome my guest for Fearless Friday and Discover Yourself. Kim is a true western gal!
Growing up in rural Wyoming, I’ve done some pretty crazy things. I’ve been on family pack trips in grizzly country, driven over unplowed mountain roads in a blizzard at 5:00 a.m. on Christmas morning to join family at our cabin for the holidays, ridden motorbikes all over the hills behind our house with my older sister, and spent most of my youth proving to my dad that I was a cowgirl he could be proud of.
Despite being a tomboy, more comfortable with a skill saw than an eyelash curler, I wouldn’t necessarily say that I was always fearless. Occasionally, some of my exploits were down right terrifying.
One of my most frightening adventures occurred on a cattle drive I was on as a teenager with my dad. We were helping friends move their cows to a high grazing lease for the summer. By the time we reached the steepest, last big push, the cows were getting tired and a few decided it would be easier to slide back down the mountain than to keep climbing. My dad was on a green-broke colt which wasn’t as surefooted as my palomino gelding, and getting a little tired herself with her heavier load. To make a long story short, my dad told me to go after the errant stock. I looked at him like he was mad, but nudged my horse, assuming he wouldn’t go if he thought it was too steep. He was a good cow horse, so he didn’t hesitate to plunge over the edge after the cattle. The slope was too steep and the dirt too loose to stop and I ended up beating the cows to the bottom. As calmly as possible with one’s life flashing before her eyes, I gathered the cattle up and herded them back to the dirt road where my dad was waiting to help me guide the cows up the hill to the rest of the herd. I still occasionally have those, “Man From Snowy River,” flashbacks, but the experience did help me write a couple adrenaline-induced scenes in Big Horn Storm.
My Wyoming adventures have slipped into more than one of my novels. In the first book in my Risky Research Series, A Dose of Danger, you can experience a little more of how it felt that snowy Christmas morning. The second novel in the series, A Taste of Tragedy, was just released, and it takes the reader on a much warmer adventure, but hopefully one just as exciting.

Morgan Hunter sacrificed everything for her career. She had yet to encounter anything she wasn’t willing to do to succeed...until now. When she uncovers evidence that the healthy foods she’s been hired to promote may be dangerous, she must reevaluate her priorities. As questions mount and the body count rises, she finds herself caught in the crosshairs of an organization that will stop at nothing to hide its secrets and protect its profits. With no one else to trust, Morgan is forced to seek help from the man she drove away, but whom she never stopped loving.

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