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Saturday, March 25, 2017

April Fool's Day Party...Huge Winners

Fool Me Once-April Fool’s Day Party with Author Alicia Dean and PA In A Pinch

and a whole lot more authors. I'll be there too. We all have 1/2 hour time slots. We're all pitching in prizes. I'll be giving away a $5 Amazon Gift Card for some lucky person that joins me during my half hour. So come on by and check in often! Go here: April Fools Facebook Party

Welcome! Thank you for participating in our exciting “Fool Me Once” April Fool’s Day Party. This is a Coming Out party for Author Alicia Dean, to introduce her to the Indie Community. Let’s have a blast, PA In A Pinch style! ♥
Kindle Fire
“A Surprise Attendance Prize”
One lucky attendee will win an Amazon Kindle Fire sometime throughout the event. It may be at the end of the event, the middle, or the beginning. Who knows? Only those who go. So, join us in another fantastic PA In A Pinch party and you just may be the lucky winner. *Winner must be present at the time of announcement to win.*
The Kindle Fire is donated courtesy of authors Vonnie Davis, Author, Jannine Gallant, Brenda Whiteside, Callie Hutton, Kathy L Wheeler, Krysta Scott, Alicia Dean, Constance Bretes, Leah St. James.
You can enter The GRAND PRIZE giveaway via this Rafflecopter link: a Rafflecopter giveaway. The GRAND PRIZE consist more than what it says. Lots of authors are donating. *Winner must be present at the time of announcement to win. Winner has twelve hours to claim the prize. If you do not claim your prize, another winner will be chosen via an online randomizer.* If you scroll down, where the dots are, you'll see all the prizes you could win.
All times are in Eastern Standard Time.
1:00 pm Josephine Blake
1:30 pm Jannine Gallant
2:00 pm Constance Bretes
2:30 pm Diane Burton – Author
3:00 pm Andy Peloquin
3:30 pm Leah St. James
4:00 pm Jettie Woodruff Author
4:30 pm Krysta Scott
5:00 pm Alicia Dean
5:30 pm Vonnie Davis
6:00 pm Callie Hutton
6:30 pm Brenda Whiteside
7:00 pm Sherry Ewing
7:30 pm Sarah O’Rourke
8:00 pm Kathy L Wheeler

Good Luck To All!!

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