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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bra Limbo Anyone?

Inside the clubhouse

The RV Ranch always has something going on.

A couple of evenings a week, you can join various card games in the clubhouse. I'm not much on playing cards for the sake of playing cards. If it's a social event with food or drinks and close friends, count me in...for the social aspect.

There's Wild Wednesdays for a couple of months during duck season. When I found out about that one, I did head over to the clubhouse. Turns out it's a man thing. For some reason, there aren't any women who want to try wild game. I felt overwhelmingly out of place even though I like men and can talk easily with them. But there just
Some wild bird wrapped in bacon
seemed to be a little too much testosterone on Wild Wednesday.

Happy Hours abound around the ranch. There aren't any two for one drink specials and if you prefer coconut water over wine, that's fine. We've found a group we like to hang with so most evenings, we'll be enjoying their company.

Enjoying food at Happy Hour
Breakfast in the clubhouse happens a couple of Saturday mornings a month. There's a group who loves to do this and monetary donations are welcomed. They use the money to buy things like the TV and other furnishings for the clubhouse. I make about half of them.

There are the yearly gatherings:

New Years Eve--I find this one humorous. Everyone brings a dish to share. It starts about 7:00 and is nearly cleared out by 8:30. Whoopee! I'm not a night owl anymore either, but New Years...come on, let's whoop it up until at least 10:00.

Pig Roast--I always make this one if we're there. It's outside, everyone brings side dishes, and the food is great. It seems to last longer than New Years Eve.

Horseshoe Tournament prior year
Horseshoe Tournament--I'm more of a Margarita and bra limbo sort of gal, but hey, a day in the sun with friends and laughing at people playing horseshoes turns out to be fun. Unfortunately, this year we had to miss it because we're house/dog sitting for our son's family.

About the week of house/dog sitting. Oh wait. Some of you might be wondering what a bra limbo is. Confession--I rarely drink Margaritas and haven't seen a bra limbo in a few years. When we
Parrothead days of the past
lived in Minnesota and belonged to St. Minnesomeplace in Paradise Parrothead Club, the annual Hotel Party would feature the bra limbo (first initiated by crazy FDW). Women would donate their bra, they would all be tied together and used as the marker to limbo under. I guess you'd have to be there.

Desert across the street from son's home
Back to dog sitting. While son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter are on a Catalina Cruise, we are staying at their home. I intended to use it as an intensive four days of
Ranch activities to distract. I got sick the first night with some kind of uncomfortable virus and couldn't even think about writing. My head was killing me and so was my stomach. Two days were totally shot. At least I'm better and even got out of the house for a bit yesterday. If you have to be in the desert, this is the time of year to do it. With all the rain we've had, it's really green.

Hope it's green and warm where you are! And have you ever done the bra limbo?


  1. Brenda, I had to see what 'bra limbo' was...and it's even weirder than what I imagined. Do you remember a 'dance' called the 'gator'. Think: an alligator (person) writhing on the floor. That was the drunken dance of my generation up at the ski lodges. Yup, we were kind of strange. Thanks for the post about your social life. You get to pick your fun.

    1. Yes, I do remember the gator. Goofy. Never got into that one, Rolynn, even when I'd tipped a few too many. LOL