Friday, April 27, 2018

#Fearless Belly Dancer, Not Cave Dweller


At least one Friday a month, I have a guest with a great tale of fearlessness. It's about time I offered up something, but then I think what have I done in my life that's fearless? What is brave to one person is no big deal to another. When FDW and I picked up and left Minnesota to farm with our son and his family, a friend said "Wow, you're brave." I just thought it was an adventure.

No, this isn't me.
So, I put on my thinking cap (as Daddy used to say), and came up with a couple of things that might fit into the fearless category. And I certainly wouldn't try all of them again.

Once upon a time, I took belly dancing lessons. It was great fun and great exercise. I might do that again, if I had time, but the fearless part is performing. Twice. One night, my group performed at half-time at a Phoenix Suns basketball game. Another time, we performed on stage at the Arizona State Fair. Will never again do belly undulations in front of hundreds of people!

Once upon another time, I hitched hiked from Genoa, Italy to Monte Carlo in the rain. Our car broke down on the way to the
Grand Prix. We weren't about to miss the event, so we stuck out our thumbs. A wealthy French woman in a very small yellow car, drove us all the way there. Then we braced ourselves on the side of a muddy hill and watched the race and the celebrities. We tried to get into the famous Monte Carlo Casino, but jeans were forbidden. I don't suppose the muddy feet helped either.

My last thought about fearless concerns caves. I'm claustrophobic. I tried, really, but when the entrance disappeared and walls narrowed around me in the Oregon Caves, I panicked. I turned around and ran. Poor FDW could barely keep up with me. When I made it back to the entrance, a gate of bars were locked. Tears! FDW had to turn around and find his way back to the group so the leader could radio out for my escape. On this one, I failed the fearless test.

Do you have a fearless story, success or failure, you'd like to share?

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